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consequence, cause, origin, source


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How to pronounce repercussion (audio)


Dictionary definition of repercussion

The effect or consequence of an action or event, especially an unwelcome one.
"The sudden change in policy had an immediate repercussion on the stock market."

Detailed meaning of repercussion

It can be used to describe both positive and negative consequences, but it is often used in the context of negative consequences or backlash. It implies that there are secondary or indirect effects or consequences of an event or decision, that may not be immediately obvious or intended.

For example, an economic recession can have repercussions such as unemployment and homelessness, political decisions can have social and economic repercussions and personal decisions can have consequences in the future. Repercussion is often used in the context of unintended consequences, meaning that the effects of an action or event were not predictable or foreseen.

It can also be used to describe the echoing or vibrational effect of sound, such as in the phrase "the repercussion of the drums"

In general, repercussions describe the outcomes or effects of an action, decision, or event, that might be of positive or negative nature, but they may also be indirect and distant in time.

Example sentences containing repercussion

1. The scandal had a profound repercussion on his career.
2. Ignoring safety guidelines can lead to dire repercussions.
3. The policy change's unexpected repercussion was chaos.
4. Economic instability is a common repercussion of inflation.
5. The accident's repercussion left him traumatized.
6. The decision's repercussion on the market was immediate.

History and etymology of repercussion

The noun 'repercussion' has its origins in Latin, derived from the word 'repercussio,' which is a combination of 're-' (meaning 'back') and 'percussio' (meaning 'a striking' or 'a blow'). In Latin, 'repercussio' conveyed the idea of something striking back or rebounding. As it transitioned into English, 'repercussion' retained this fundamental sense of an effect or consequence that results from an action or event, especially when it is unwelcome or problematic. Its etymology underscores the idea that actions or events can have a reverberating impact, similar to the way a struck object can produce echoes or rebounds.

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Further usage examples of repercussion

1. The altercation had a lasting repercussion on their friendship.
2. Ignoring health warnings may result in severe repercussions.
3. His lie had a significant repercussion on their trust.
4. The virus's unexpected repercussion was global lockdowns.
5. The scandal's repercussion led to legal consequences.
6. Environmental damage has long-lasting, irreversible repercussions.
7. The crime's repercussion was a lengthy prison sentence.
8. The manager's decision had a detrimental repercussion.
9. The scandal's repercussion exposed corporate corruption.
10. Repercussion of the accident affected his mental health.
11. Repercussion of the policy change stirred public outrage.
12. The war's repercussion was widespread suffering.
13. The decision's immediate repercussion was confusion.
14. The company's poor financial decisions had a significant repercussion on its employees.
15. The politician's controversial statement had a negative repercussion on his campaign.
16. The athlete's doping scandal had a major repercussion on his career.
17. The global pandemic has had far-reaching repercussions on the economy.
18. The student's bad behavior had a repercussion on his grades.
19. The manager's decision had serious repercussions for the team's morale.
20. The company's environmental negligence had long-term repercussions on the local community.
21. The company's delay in delivering the project had a serious repercussion on its reputation.
22. The war had a devastating repercussion on the country's infrastructure.
23. The government's failure to address the issue had severe repercussions on the society.
24. The athlete's injury had a major repercussion on his team's chances of winning.

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