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How to pronounce ratify (audio)

Dictionary definition of ratify

To formally approve or confirm something, usually by a vote or signature.
"The committee must ratify the proposed changes before they can take effect."

Detailed meaning of ratify

In a political or legal context, ratification is the process by which a proposed treaty, agreement, or law is officially accepted and made valid. The act of ratification gives the proposed item the force of law and makes it binding on the parties involved. Ratification can take place through a vote by a legislative body, such as a parliament or congress, or by a vote of the people in a referendum. The process of ratification may also involve the signature of a representative or authorized official, which serves as a formal indication of approval. In all cases, ratification signifies that a proposed item has been officially accepted and approved, and is now legally enforceable.

Example sentences containing ratify

1. The government needs to ratify the international treaty for it to be legally binding.
2. The board of directors will meet next week to ratify the new company policies.
3. The members of the association voted to ratify the updated constitution.
4. The contract will be presented to the parties involved for them to ratify.
5. The shareholders will gather to ratify the merger agreement.
6. It is crucial for all parties to ratify the terms of the settlement.

History and etymology of ratify

The verb 'ratify' has its roots in the Latin word 'ratificare,' which is a combination of 'ratus,' meaning 'fixed' or 'established,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make.' In Latin, 'ratificare' signified the act of making something fixed or established, often through formal approval or confirmation. In English, 'ratify' was introduced in the 14th century to describe the formal approval or confirmation of an action, decision, or agreement, typically through a vote or signature. The etymology of 'ratify' highlights its connection to the idea of making something official or binding, emphasizing the formalization and endorsement of a decision or arrangement by those in authority or through established procedures.

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Further usage examples of ratify

1. The parliament is expected to ratify the proposed legislation.
2. The treaty awaits the country's decision to ratify or reject it.
3. The committee unanimously voted to ratify the decision made by the chairperson.
4. The organization's members will have the opportunity to ratify the proposed budget.
5. The agreement will be sent to the appropriate authorities to ratify its legality.
6. The union members will hold a vote to ratify the negotiated labor contract.
7. The executive committee will convene to ratify the strategic plan.
8. The party leadership is urging its members to ratify the party platform.
9. The city council is scheduled to meet tomorrow to ratify the zoning changes.
10. he contract requires both parties to ratify it within 30 days.
11. The international agreement needs the approval of all participating countries to ratify it.
12. The Senate will ratify the treaty after heated debates.
13. The board plans to ratify the new policy next week.
14. Countries must ratify the accord for it to take effect.
15. They aim to ratify the constitution unanimously.
16. The committee agreed to ratify the contract today.
17. The president will ratify the bill into law tomorrow.
18. The delegates are ready to ratify the resolution.
19. Parliament is set to ratify the trade agreement.
20. The members voted to ratify the proposed changes.
21. It's crucial to ratify the agreement promptly.
22. The union members will ratify the contract terms.
23. The city council plans to ratify the budget soon.
24. The assembly must ratify the bylaws at the meeting.



approve, reject, veto, nullify


Recognition and Approval, Approval and Endorsement, Certification and Verification, Dedication and Devotion, Compliance and Submission

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