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How to pronounce recompense (audio)


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Dictionary definition of recompense

Compensation or payment given as a reward or in return for something, especially loss or injury.
"She sought recompense for the loss of her home in the fire."


Detailed meaning of recompense

It can refer to a financial compensation, such as money or benefits, or non-financial compensation, such as an apology, recognition or an act of kindness. Recompense can be awarded for a variety of reasons, such as for harm caused by another person or organization, for losses sustained in a business transaction, or for services rendered. In legal context, recompense is the act of making amends for a wrong or injury, it can be a monetary compensation or non-monetary, such as a public apology or a change in policy. In a moral or ethical context, recompense can refer to the act of making amends for past wrongs or repaying a debt of gratitude. The term also carries the connotation of restoring balance and fairness, in order to correct an injustice.

Example sentences containing recompense

1. He received generous recompense for his years of service.
2. Adequate recompense eased the pain of the accident.
3. She demanded fair recompense for her valuable work.
4. The settlement provided just recompense for the damages.
5. His dedication deserved more than just financial recompense.
6. Offering recompense was the company's way to make amends.

History and etymology of recompense

The noun 'recompense' has its origins in Old French, where it was spelled as 'recompens.' It is derived from the Latin word 'recompensare,' which is formed by combining 're,' meaning 'again,' and 'compensare,' meaning 'to weigh one thing against another' or 'to make up for.' In Latin, 'recompensare' signified the act of compensating or making amends for something, often by weighing the loss or injury against a suitable payment or reward. As the term transitioned into English, it retained its sense of compensation or payment given as a reward or in return for something, particularly to make up for a loss or injury. 'Recompense' underscores the idea of balancing or making right through compensation, highlighting the act of providing something in return for what has been suffered or lost.

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Further usage examples of recompense

1. The court ordered substantial recompense for the victim.
2. Monetary recompense couldn't replace the lost memories.
3. The athlete sought recompense for the career-ending injury.
4. The artist's recompense came in the form of recognition.
5. The recompense was a token of gratitude for their help.
6. They offered heartfelt recompense for the inconvenience.
7. Receiving recompense was a relief after the accident.
8. The family sought recompense for their emotional distress.
9. Receiving recompense for the stolen items brought closure.
10. The recompense was a small token of appreciation.
11. Fair recompense was provided for the damaged property.
12. Receiving recompense for the error restored their trust.
13. The recompense didn't fully cover the medical bills.
14. Providing recompense was a gesture of goodwill from the company.
15. The company offered a recompense for the loss of personal items during the move.
16. The victims of the accident were promised recompense for their medical expenses.
17. The recompense package included a monetary settlement and job retraining.
18. The government set aside funds for the recompense of victims of the natural disaster.
19. The insurance policy provided recompense for the stolen property.
20. The court ordered the company to pay recompense to the families of the workers who were killed on the job.
21. The employees demanded recompense for the unjust termination of their contracts.
22. The recompense for the cancellation of the project was distributed among the team members.
23. The company offered to provide a recompense for the inconvenience caused by the power outage.
24. The wounded veteran received recompense for the injuries he sustained in combat.
25. The government pledged to provide full recompense to the farmers whose crops were damaged by the storm.



compensation, forfeiture, loss, penalty


GRE 14 (Graduate Record Examination), Compensation and Rewards, Responsibility and Obligation

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