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rectify, worsen, harm, damage



How to pronounce amends (audio)

Dictionary definition of amends

To take steps to repair or make up for a wrong that has been committed.
"She made amends with her best friend after a long argument."

Detailed meaning of amends

It is often used in the context of repairing relationships or seeking forgiveness for a wrongdoing. Amends can take many forms, ranging from simple apologies to more complex reparations or compensation. The act of making amends is an important part of personal growth and accountability, and is often seen as a necessary step in resolving conflicts and restoring trust. When making amends, one must take full responsibility for their actions, express genuine remorse, and make a concerted effort to correct the wrong. The act of making amends is not just about admitting guilt, but also about taking concrete steps to show that one is committed to repairing the damage and making things right. Whether it is through apologies, financial compensation, or acts of kindness, the goal of making amends is to restore balance and heal any wounds that may have been inflicted.

Example sentences of amends

1. He apologized and tried to make amends for his mistake.
2. The company offered to make amends for the damage caused by their mistake.
3. They agreed to make amends for the harm caused by their actions.
4. She took steps to make amends for the harm she had caused.
5. The organization made amends with the community after the environmental disaster.
6. He made amends with his family after a long estrangement.

History and etymology of amends

The verb 'amends' traces its etymological origins to Middle English and Old English. In Old English, it was expressed as 'amendian,' which meant 'to free from fault' or 'to make right.' The word 'amendian' can be further broken down into two components: 'a-' meaning 'to' or 'toward,' and 'mendian,' derived from the Latin 'emendare,' meaning 'to correct' or 'to improve.' This Latin root 'emendare' itself consists of 'e,' denoting 'out,' and 'menda,' meaning 'fault' or 'blemish.' Thus, the etymology of the verb 'amends' reflects its fundamental purpose—to take actions aimed at rectifying or making up for a wrong that has been committed, with the intention of improving or correcting the situation.

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Further usage examples of amends

1. The government made amends for the historical injustices against the indigenous people.
2. She made amends with herself for the past regrets and mistakes.
3. He made amends with his former business partner after a contentious split.
4. The school made amends with the parents after the controversy over the new policy.
5. They made amends with the church after a long-standing disagreement.
6. He apologized sincerely and vowed to make amends for his mistake.
7. She's determined to amends her past errors by helping others.
8. Making amends is an essential step in rebuilding trust.
9. They decided to amends their friendship after a long-standing dispute.
10. Taking action to amends the situation is the right thing to do.
11. The company worked diligently to amends its environmental impact.
12. His heartfelt letter was a step towards making amends.
13. She offered to amends the damaged relationship through counseling.
14. Amends can bridge the gap between individuals in conflict.
15. The organization is committed to amending social inequalities.
16. The sincere apology was the first step in making amends.
17. Forgiveness often precedes the process of making amends.
18. He promised to amends his reckless behavior by driving more responsibly.
19. The community came together to amends the damage caused by the storm.
20. They are determined to amends the injustices they've witnessed.
21. Amends require acknowledging one's mistakes and taking responsibility.
22. She offered to amends the misunderstanding with a heartfelt conversation.
23. Making amends is a sign of personal growth and maturity.
24. The government initiated policies to amends economic disparities.
25. Amends can heal wounds and foster reconciliation among people.


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