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How to pronounce reconciliation (audio)

Dictionary definition of reconciliation

The act or process of restoring or reestablishing friendly and harmonious relationships between individuals or groups after a disagreement, conflict, or period of estrangement.
"Many individuals find solace and closure through the process of reconciliation."

Detailed meaning of reconciliation

It involves the resolution of differences, the mending of broken bonds, and the cultivation of understanding and forgiveness. Reconciliation often requires open and honest communication, empathy, and a willingness to find common ground or reach a mutually acceptable compromise. It goes beyond simply resolving conflicts and aims to rebuild trust, promote healing, and foster a sense of unity and cooperation. Reconciliation can take place on various levels, whether it be in personal relationships, communities, or even on a larger societal scale, addressing historical injustices or conflicts. It is a process that acknowledges the complexity of human interactions and seeks to bridge divides, promote empathy, and move forward towards a more peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Example sentences containing reconciliation

1. The couple attended counseling sessions in an effort to achieve reconciliation in their troubled marriage.
2. The two countries initiated a peace process with the goal of reconciliation after years of conflict.
3. The family gathered for a heartfelt conversation in hopes of finding reconciliation and healing.
4. The organization organized a reconciliation workshop to promote understanding and forgiveness among its members.
5. The reconciliation between the rival gangs brought an end to the cycle of violence in the neighborhood.
6. The truth and reconciliation commission aimed to address historical injustices and promote healing in the society.

History and etymology of reconciliation

The noun 'reconciliation' has its roots in Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'reconciliatio,' which is formed from 're-' (meaning 'again' or 'back') and 'conciliare' (meaning 'to bring together' or 'to unite'). The Latin term emphasizes the idea of bringing together or uniting once more. In Old French, 'reconciliacion' evolved from this Latin root. Over time, it adopted the specific sense of the act or process of restoring or reestablishing friendly and harmonious relationships between individuals or groups after a disagreement, conflict, or period of estrangement. Thus, the etymology of 'reconciliation' reflects the essence of its meaning - the reuniting or coming together again in a spirit of harmony and peace.

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Further usage examples of reconciliation

1. Reconciliation requires both parties to be open to dialogue and compromise.
2. The act of forgiveness is often a crucial step in the path to reconciliation.
3. The community organized a reconciliation event to foster unity and understanding among its diverse members.
4. Reconciliation can be a challenging and lengthy process, but the rewards are profound.
5. The art therapy program helped survivors of trauma find healing and reconciliation through creative expression.
6. The reconciliation of the feuding families brought peace.
7. After years of rivalry, their reconciliation surprised everyone.
8. Reconciliation is vital for a peaceful coexistence.
9. The couple sought counseling for marital reconciliation.
10. A genuine apology can initiate the reconciliation process.
11. The country's leaders worked toward national reconciliation.
12. Reconciliation efforts yielded positive results in the community.
13. The reconciliation of long-lost friends warmed their hearts.
14. Forgiveness is a key element in the process of reconciliation.
15. Their reconciliation marked the end of a bitter feud.
16. The reconciliation between labor and management was crucial.
17. Achieving reconciliation requires open and honest dialogue.
18. Reconciliation is a cornerstone of conflict resolution.
19. Their reconciliation was a testament to their enduring bond.
20. Reconciliation brought healing after years of division.
21. The reconciliation of estranged siblings was tearful and joyous.
22. Successful reconciliation requires compromise from both sides.
23. The reconciliation of former enemies was a historic moment.
24. Reconciliation is the first step toward lasting peace.
25. Their heartfelt embrace signaled the start of their reconciliation.



reunion, estrangement, division, discord


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