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polished, crude, coarse, unrefined


Development and Refinement, Development and Growth, Order and System, Aesthetic and Appearance



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Dictionary definition of refined

Improved or made more elegant through a process of careful and deliberate changes.
"The gentleman's manners and attire exuded a sense of refined elegance."

Detailed meaning of refined

When something is refined, it has been purified, clarified, or perfected in some way, often resulting in a higher quality or standard. This can apply to physical objects, such as refined sugar or refined oil, which have undergone a process to remove impurities and create a more desirable product. It can also describe people who display a high level of culture, taste, or sophistication, such as someone with refined manners or a refined palate for food and drink. Overall, the term "refined" implies a sense of improvement or sophistication that sets something or someone apart from its original state or from others in a similar category.

Example sentences containing refined

1. The restaurant's menu featured a selection of refined dishes prepared by a master chef.
2. Her taste in art leaned towards the refined, appreciating subtle details and intricate brushwork.
3. The refined melodies of the classical music concert entranced the audience.
4. The workshop focused on teaching participants the art of refined communication.
5. The new car model boasted a refined engine that provided a smoother driving experience.
6. The antique furniture showcased the refined craftsmanship of a bygone era.

History and etymology of refined

The adjective 'refined' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'refinare,' which means 'to purify' or 'to make fine.' 'Refined' describes something that has been improved or made more elegant through a process of careful and deliberate changes, often involving the removal of impurities or rough elements. The term embodies the concept of enhancing quality, sophistication, or manners through a refining process, emphasizing the result of a meticulous and selective transformation. 'Refined' is a word that characterizes individuals, objects, or behaviors that exhibit a level of cultivated taste, grace, or purity, reflecting the human capacity for elevating and perfecting various aspects of life through thoughtful and deliberate refinement.

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Further usage examples of refined

1. Her refined sense of style was evident in every piece of clothing she wore.
2. The wine connoisseur could detect the refined notes of oak and berries in the vintage bottle.
3. The novel was praised for its refined prose and insightful character development.
4. The modern architecture of the building combined sleek lines with refined materials.
5. The spa offered a range of treatments for a truly refined relaxation experience.
6. The refined scent of the exotic flowers filled the air in the garden.
7. The artist's gallery displayed a collection of refined portraits that captured personalities.
8. His refined manners and impeccable etiquette made him stand out in any social setting.
9. The refined color palette of the painting created a sense of calm and tranquility.
10. The scientist presented a refined theory that challenged existing assumptions.
11. The fragrance was a blend of refined spices and delicate floral notes.
12. The fashion designer's latest collection featured refined silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.
13. The professor's lecture provided a refined analysis of complex philosophical concepts.
14. The chef prepared a refined dish with exquisite flavors.
15. Her refined taste in art made her a respected curator.
16. The musician's refined technique captivated the audience.
17. He had a refined sense of fashion, always impeccably dressed.
18. The interior design featured a refined blend of classic and modern elements.
19. The novel underwent a refined editing process before publication.
20. His refined manners and polite demeanor made a lasting impression.
21. The wine connoisseur could discern even the most refined notes.
22. The software received a refined update with enhanced features.
23. The newly renovated ballroom had a refined ambiance for events.
24. The historian appreciated the author's refined research and analysis.

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