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Definition of 'sophisticated'

Complex, refined, and developed to a high degree.
"The upscale hotel offers sophisticated amenities and personalized services for discerning guests."

Detailed Meaning of 'sophisticated'

When referring to a person, it suggests intelligence, knowledge, and elegance in their thinking or behavior. A sophisticated object, system, or concept demonstrates intricate design, advanced technology, or intricate craftsmanship. It implies a level of intricacy, intricacy, and expertise that surpasses the ordinary or basic. In the context of fashion or taste, sophisticated denotes an elevated sense of style, characterized by elegance, subtlety, and a keen eye for detail. It can also describe a person's refined and polished manners, indicating their ability to navigate social situations with grace and sophistication. Overall, the term sophisticated conveys a sense of complexity, refinement, and high-quality execution in various domains, reflecting an advanced level of understanding or sophistication.


Examples of 'sophisticated' in a Sentence

1. The high-end restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience with its gourmet cuisine and elegant ambiance.
2. The software program features a sophisticated algorithm that efficiently solves complex problems.
3. She impressed everyone at the party with her sophisticated fashion sense and impeccable style.
4. The art gallery showcased a collection of sophisticated and thought-provoking contemporary artworks.
5. The new luxury car is equipped with sophisticated technology that enhances driving performance and safety.
6. He delivered a sophisticated presentation, showcasing his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

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Origins & Etymology of 'sophisticated'

The adjective 'sophisticated' traces its origins to the Greek word 'sophistēs,' which referred to a wise or learned person, particularly one skilled in philosophy and rhetoric. In ancient Greece, sophists were renowned for their intellectual prowess and ability to engage in complex debates and discussions. Over time, the term 'sophisticated' evolved to encompass not only intellectual depth but also characteristics of refinement, complexity, and advancement. In its modern usage, 'sophisticated' describes something that is intricate, cultured, and developed to a high degree, reflecting its historical association with intellectual and cultural sophistication. This etymology underscores the concept of sophistication as a fusion of intellectual acumen and refined elegance, capturing the essence of complex and refined ideas or objects.

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