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How to pronounce reminiscence (audio)

Dictionary definition of reminiscence

The act or process of recalling or remembering past events, experiences, or moments.
"The elderly couple sat together, lost in quiet reminiscence of their long and fulfilling lives."

Detailed meaning of reminiscence

It involves reflecting on and reliving memories from the past, often evoking emotions, nostalgia, or a sense of familiarity. A reminiscence can be triggered by various stimuli, such as conversations, photographs, scents, or music, and it can transport individuals back in time to relish or contemplate significant moments from their personal history. Reminiscences often involve storytelling, sharing anecdotes, or engaging in conversations that revolve around past experiences. They allow individuals to reconnect with their personal narratives, gain insights, or find solace in reliving cherished moments. Reminiscences can foster a sense of identity, provide a source of wisdom, or serve as a means of connecting with others who share similar memories.

Example sentences containing reminiscence

1. His face lit up with a sweet reminiscence of their first date.
2. In her memoir, she shared a poignant reminiscence of her childhood.
3. The old photo album was filled with cherished reminiscences.
4. Their conversation was filled with reminiscences of their travels.
5. The scent of roses brought back a vivid reminiscence of her grandmother's garden.
6. With a smile, he shared a reminiscence from his college days.

History and etymology of reminiscence

The noun 'reminiscence' has its etymological origins in Latin and French. It is derived from the Latin word 'reminiscentia,' which is a combination of 're,' meaning 'again,' and 'mens,' meaning 'mind.' Therefore, 'reminiscentia' originally meant 'calling to mind again' or 'remembering.' As Latin evolved into Old French, 'reminiscentia' became 'reminiscence,' and this term found its way into Middle English. The etymology of 'reminiscence' accurately reflects the act or process of recalling or remembering past events, experiences, or moments by bringing them back to the forefront of the mind, emphasizing the idea of revisiting and invoking memories from the past.

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Further usage examples of reminiscence

1. The song triggered a flood of reminiscences from their youth.
2. Her wrinkled hands held the key to countless reminiscences.
3. The old town was a treasure trove of historical reminiscences.
4. The reunion was a joyful exchange of reminiscences and laughter.
5. His journal was a record of his daily reminiscences.
6. The museum was a repository of cultural reminiscences.
7. She found solace in the reminiscence of her lost loved one.
8. The photograph sparked a poignant reminiscence of their wedding day.
9. The book was a collection of wartime reminiscences.
10. Each antique in the shop had a story and a reminiscence attached.
11. Her eyes sparkled as she recounted a funny reminiscence.
12. The documentary featured interviews filled with personal reminiscences.
13. The family gathered to share reminiscences at the funeral.
14. The smell of fresh-baked bread was a powerful reminiscence of home.
15. Looking at old photographs brought back a flood of reminiscences from my childhood.
16. Her grandmother's stories sparked reminiscences of a bygone era.
17. The scent of freshly baked cookies filled the room, triggering sweet reminiscences of family gatherings.
18. Sharing a meal with old friends often leads to joyful reminiscences of shared adventures.
19. The faded ticket stubs served as reminders and mementos of past experiences, sparking reminiscences of unforgettable concerts.
20. His book was a collection of heartfelt reminiscences about his time as a volunteer in a developing country.
21. The sound of waves crashing on the shore brought back reminiscences of childhood summers spent at the beach.
22. The aging actor's memoir was filled with amusing and poignant reminiscences of his time in Hollywood.
23. A walk through the old neighborhood stirred up bittersweet reminiscences of youth and innocence.
24. The vintage car show was a nostalgic event that prompted reminiscences of a bygone era of automotive design.
25. The old music box played a familiar tune, instantly triggering reminiscences of a long-lost love.



recollection, forgetfulness, amnesia, oblivion


Suffix -ence, Scientific and Methodical, Dialogue and Articulation, Comprehension and Understanding

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