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How to pronounce repatriate (audio)

Dictionary definition of repatriate

To return a person or group of people to their country of origin or citizenship.
"The embassy worked tirelessly to repatriate its citizens stranded in a war-torn country."

Detailed meaning of repatriate

It involves the process of bringing individuals back to their home country from a foreign land, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Repatriation often occurs in situations such as the end of a conflict or war, deportation, or the need to provide assistance to citizens stranded abroad. The purpose of repatriation can vary, including reuniting individuals with their families, ensuring their safety, or restoring their rights and privileges as citizens. The process typically involves logistical arrangements, legal procedures, and cooperation between governments or relevant authorities. Repatriation aims to facilitate the transition and reintegration of individuals into their home country, providing them with the necessary support and resources to rebuild their lives.

Example sentences containing repatriate

1. The government plans to repatriate the stranded citizens from the war-torn country.
2. The organization will repatriate the stolen artifacts to their country of origin.
3. They decided to repatriate the company's manufacturing operations back to their home country.
4. The embassy helped repatriate the tourists who were stuck in the foreign land.
5. The military mission aimed to repatriate the prisoners of war safely.
6. The charity raised funds to repatriate the remains of fallen soldiers.

History and etymology of repatriate

The verb 'repatriate' finds its origins in the Latin language. It stems from the Latin word 're,' which means 'back,' and 'patria,' meaning 'homeland' or 'native country.' In essence, 'repatriare' in Latin signified the act of returning someone or something to their homeland. Over time, this term was adopted into English as 'repatriate,' retaining its fundamental meaning of sending individuals or groups back to their country of origin or citizenship. This etymology underscores the concept of reuniting people with their native land, reflecting the historical significance of repatriation as a process of returning individuals to their roots or place of origin.

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Further usage examples of repatriate

1. The airline company offered to repatriate the passengers affected by the flight cancellation.
2. The government initiated a program to repatriate illegal immigrants.
3. The humanitarian organization worked tirelessly to repatriate the refugees to their homeland.
4. The company's decision to repatriate its profits led to a boost in the local economy.
5. The embassy provided assistance to repatriate the citizens caught in the political unrest.
6. The embassy facilitated the process to repatriate the deceased citizen's body.
7. The non-profit organization collaborated with local authorities to repatriate the endangered wildlife.
8. The ship's captain made arrangements to repatriate the stranded crew members.
9. The government announced a new policy to repatriate overseas investments.
10. The rescue mission successfully repatriated the survivors of the shipwreck.
11. The organization launched a campaign to repatriate cultural artifacts that were illegally acquired.
12. The embassy negotiated with the foreign government to repatriate the detained citizen.
13. The company decided to repatriate the production of its popular product line.
14. The consulate worked diligently to repatriate the citizens affected by the natural disaster.



return, expatriate, exile, deport


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