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How to pronounce evacuate (audio)

Dictionary definition of evacuate

To remove people or objects from a dangerous or potentially hazardous situation, such as a natural disaster, military conflict, or medical emergency.
"Authorities will evacuate the residents if the wildfire spreads closer to the city."

Detailed meaning of evacuate

The process of evacuation involves relocating individuals from a specific location to a safer place, either temporarily or permanently. This can include transportation by various means, such as by vehicle, airplane, or boat. The decision to evacuate is often made by authorities or emergency responders, and may be necessary in order to save lives or prevent further harm. Evacuation can also refer to the process of emptying a building or area due to a threat of fire, gas leak, or other safety concerns. Overall, the verb 'evacuate' denotes a sense of urgency and necessity, and is used to describe the act of removing individuals or objects from harm's way in order to preserve safety and well-being.

Example sentences containing evacuate

1. When the alarm sounds, please evacuate the building immediately.
2. In case of a flood, residents might need to evacuate their homes.
3. The military decided to evacuate the embassy due to growing unrest.
4. If the volcano erupts, we'll have to evacuate the island.
5. In the event of a fire, we are trained to evacuate the school safely.
6. When the hurricane warnings were issued, officials urged everyone to evacuate.

History and etymology of evacuate

The verb 'evacuate' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'evacuare,' which combines 'e-' (meaning 'out of') and 'vacuus' (signifying 'empty' or 'vacant'). 'Evacuate' means to remove people or objects from a dangerous or potentially hazardous situation, such as a natural disaster, military conflict, or medical emergency, with the goal of leaving a place empty or safe. The term aptly encapsulates the urgency and necessity of swift action in the face of impending peril. 'Evacuate' has been a crucial term in emergency and crisis management, reflecting the commitment to safeguarding lives and ensuring the well-being of individuals in the midst of adversity. It underscores the importance of organized and timely efforts to relocate people from harm's way and mitigate potential harm.

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Further usage examples of evacuate

1. If the dam breaks, the city will have to evacuate quickly.
2. The police will evacuate the area if the bomb threat is credible.
3. It's important to evacuate calmly and orderly during emergencies.
4. In case of a gas leak, it's crucial to evacuate the building without using any electronic devices.
5. The captain decided to evacuate the ship when the leak was discovered.
6. They had to evacuate the hospital after the power outage.
7. If the experiment goes wrong, we'll need to evacuate the lab immediately.
8. The airport was evacuated due to a suspicious package.
9. We might have to evacuate the camp if the storm intensifies.
10. Should the alarms go off, evacuate the premises using the nearest exit.
11. If we evacuate the area now, we can avoid casualties.
12. The authorities have a plan in place to evacuate the city if necessary.
13. Emergency services helped to evacuate people from the burning building.
14. The firefighters swiftly evacuated the residents from the burning building.
15. As the hurricane approached, coastal towns began to evacuate.
16. The school conducted a fire drill to practice evacuating students.
17. The military ordered civilians to evacuate the war-torn region.
18. Emergency personnel worked tirelessly to evacuate flood victims.
19. Due to a gas leak, they had to evacuate the entire neighborhood.
20. The cruise ship captain decided to evacuate passengers during the storm.
21. The earthquake alarm prompted residents to evacuate their homes.
22. When the volcano erupted, villagers had to evacuate immediately.
23. The hospital had to evacuate patients when the power failed.
24. The pilot calmly instructed passengers to evacuate the aircraft.



vacate, occupy, inhabit, settle


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