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How to pronounce resolute (audio)


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Dictionary definition of resolute

Characterized by firmness, determination, and unwavering commitment to a course of action, decision, or belief.
"Even in difficult times, their resolute spirit remained unshaken."


Detailed meaning of resolute

When someone is described as 'resolute,' it implies that they possess a strong and steadfast resolve, making them resolutely unwavering in the face of challenges, obstacles, or adversity. This term conveys the idea of an unshakable determination to achieve a goal or adhere to a particular principle, often in the presence of difficulties or opposition. 'Resolute' individuals are known for their ability to stay focused on their objectives, persevere through hardships, and remain resolutely committed to their chosen path, even when confronted with setbacks or doubts. The word emphasizes the strength of character and the resoluteness of purpose in the face of adversity.

Example sentences containing resolute

1. She remained resolute in her pursuit of justice, despite numerous obstacles.
2. His resolute leadership inspired the team to overcome adversity.
3. In the face of adversity, their resolute faith remained unshaken.
4. The resolute student never wavered in the pursuit of academic excellence.
5. The resolute decision to change careers brought her newfound happiness.
6. Their resolute commitment to conservation protected the fragile ecosystem.

History and etymology of resolute

The adjective 'resolute' has an etymology that emphasizes its quality of firm determination and unwavering commitment. It is derived from the Latin word 'resolutus,' which is the past participle of 'resolvere,' combining 're-' meaning 'back' or 'again,' and 'solvere' meaning 'to loosen' or 'to release.' Originally, 'resolute' meant to be released from doubt or uncertainty, signifying a clear and decisive course of action. Over time, the term evolved to describe individuals who exhibit firmness and determination in their actions, decisions, or beliefs. 'Resolute' emphasizes the quality of unwavering commitment and a steadfast resolve to persevere in the face of challenges or difficulties. The etymology of 'resolute' underscores its resounding and decisive nature, highlighting the firmness of purpose it signifies.

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Further usage examples of resolute

1. The resolute resolve of the community ensured disaster recovery.
2. Despite criticism, he remained resolute in his political beliefs.
3. Her resolute determination to succeed fueled her entrepreneurial journey.
4. The resolute response to the crisis saved countless lives.
5. The resolute soldier faced danger with unwavering courage.
6. She remained resolute in her determination to achieve her goals.
7. His resolute leadership inspired the team to overcome challenges.
8. In the face of adversity, she maintained a resolute attitude.
9. The resolute decision to cut costs led to a more efficient operation.
10. He faced criticism with resolute confidence in his abilities.
11. The resolute hiker braved the harsh weather to reach the summit.
12. Their resolute commitment to sustainability earned them recognition.
13. The resolute defense held off the opposing team's attacks.
14. She displayed a resolute stance in the debate, defending her position strongly.
15. Despite setbacks, they remained resolute in their quest for justice.
16. The resolute volunteers worked tirelessly to aid disaster victims.
17. His resolute belief in the project's success never wavered.
18. The resolute teacher inspired her students to excel.
19. Their resolute efforts to rebuild the community were commendable.
20. The resolute decision to save money for the future paid off.
21. He faced the challenge with a resolute heart and unwavering determination.
22. The resolute captain led the team to victory against all odds.
23. Her resolute faith in the power of kindness touched everyone around her.
24. The resolute commitment to equality was at the core of their mission.



determined, indecisive, vacillating, wavering


GRE 3 (Graduate Record Examination), Admiration and Respect, Options and Determinations, Decision and Discretion, Resilience and Resolve, Determination and Tenacity, Discipline and Resolve

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