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How to pronounce unyielding (audio)

Dictionary definition of unyielding

Firm, inflexible, and resistant to change, pressure, or persuasion.
"The scientist's unyielding curiosity led to groundbreaking discoveries."

Detailed meaning of unyielding

When a person, object, or attitude is described as unyielding, it implies a steadfast and unwavering nature, often refusing to bend or compromise in the face of external forces or circumstances. This term conveys a sense of resolute determination and an unshakeable commitment to one's principles, beliefs, or position. For instance, an unyielding commitment to justice means an unwavering dedication to upholding principles of fairness and equity, regardless of challenges or opposition. "Unyielding" emphasizes the rigidity and unchangeable nature of a particular stance or condition, highlighting the strength and persistence required to maintain it.

Example sentences containing unyielding

1. The athlete's unyielding training regimen paid off in their performance.
2. The unyielding attitude of the boss made it difficult to negotiate with.
3. The mountain climber faced unyielding terrain and adverse weather conditions.
4. The teacher had an unyielding dedication to their students' success.
5. The unyielding rules of the competition left little room for interpretation.
6. The political leader was known for their unyielding commitment to their values.

History and etymology of unyielding

The adjective 'unyielding' is formed from the prefix 'un-' and the word 'yielding.' 'Yielding' itself comes from the Old English word 'gieldan,' which means 'to pay' or 'to give.' Over time, it evolved to also signify the act of giving in or surrendering, especially in the face of pressure, persuasion, or change. When the prefix 'un-' is added to 'yielding,' it negates this sense of giving in or surrendering, resulting in 'unyielding.' Thus, 'unyielding' etymologically conveys the idea of being firm, inflexible, and resistant to change or external influences, as it suggests a refusal to 'give' or yield in the face of such pressures or persuasion.

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Further usage examples of unyielding

1. The steel used in construction was unyielding to pressure and stress.
2. The unyielding structure of the building withstood the earthquake.
3. The lawyer's unyielding pursuit of justice earned them a reputation as a formidable opponent.
4. The unyielding resistance of the material made it difficult to shape and mold.
5. The unyielding love of the mother was evident in her unwavering support for her child.
6. Her unyielding determination fueled remarkable success.
7. The unyielding mountains dominated the landscape.
8. His unyielding commitment inspired many around him.
9. Unyielding principles guided his unwavering moral compass.
10. Unyielding support from friends carried her through tough times.
11. Unyielding winter froze everything in its relentless grip.
12. Unyielding loyalty is a cherished trait in lasting friendships.
13. Unyielding discipline is a fundamental aspect of military training.
14. Unyielding resistance to change can sometimes hinder progress.
15. The unyielding oak tree stood tall against the howling storm.
16. Her unyielding faith helped her overcome the harshest adversity.
17. Unyielding persistence is often the key to achieving remarkable goals.
18. The unyielding rock formation resisted erosion for centuries.
19. Unyielding determination is essential in facing life's toughest challenges.
20. The unyielding force of gravity keeps us anchored to Earth.
21. Unyielding confidence can conquer even the deepest self-doubt.
22. Unyielding traditions can sometimes impede societal evolution.
23. The unyielding silence in the room became increasingly uncomfortable.
24. His unyielding attitude made negotiations exceptionally challenging.
25. Unyielding dedication is a hallmark of enduring success.
26. The unyielding steel frame ensured the building's structural integrity.
27. Unyielding love between them endured the test of time.
28. The unyielding demands of the job left him perpetually drained.
29. Unyielding resolve is indispensable when facing adversity.
30. The unyielding truth can't be concealed indefinitely.



inflexible, flexible, accommodating, compliant


Challenges and Difficulties, Dominance and Dissent, Discipline and Resolve

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