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How to pronounce implacable (audio)

Dictionary definition of implacable

Characterized by an unwavering, unyielding, and unrelenting determination or hostility that cannot be appeased or pacified.
"Despite his best efforts, he could not appease his implacable boss."

Detailed meaning of implacable

When something or someone is described as implacable, it implies that no amount of negotiation, persuasion, or compromise is likely to change their stance or attitude. It suggests an enduring and often relentless resistance to change, reconciliation, or forgiveness. For example, an implacable enemy is one who remains steadfast in their hostility, even in the face of attempts at reconciliation, while an implacable resolve refers to an unwavering determination that cannot be swayed by external influences. In essence, "implacable" signifies an immovable and persistent nature that resists alteration or mollification.

Example sentences containing implacable

1. The implacable storm raged on, unleashing its fury upon the coastline.
2. The implacable foe relentlessly pursued them, never giving them a moment's rest.
3. The implacable hunger in his eyes revealed his desperate need for food.
4. Despite the plea for forgiveness, her implacable anger remained unyielding.
5. The implacable ticking of the clock heightened their anxiety as the deadline approached.
6. The implacable logic of the argument left no room for debate.

History and etymology of implacable

The adjective 'implacable' derives its origins from the Latin word 'implacabilis,' which can be broken down etymologically into 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'placare,' meaning 'to appease' or 'to soothe.' The term 'implacabilis' in Latin described something or someone that could not be appeased or pacified, often associated with relentless hostility or determination. This Latin root highlights the essence of unwavering and unyielding qualities found in the modern usage of 'implacable.' Thus, when we describe someone or something as 'implacable,' we are referring to a characteristic marked by an unrelenting and unyielding determination or hostility that cannot be calmed or pacified, mirroring its etymological origins in the concept of being unappeasable.

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Further usage examples of implacable

1. Despite their pleas, the implacable landlord evicted them from their home.
2. His implacable thirst for revenge consumed him, driving him to extreme measures.
3. He had an implacable attitude, refusing to be swayed by others' opinions.
4. She faced the implacable forces of nature with stoic resolve.
5. He was an implacable opponent, never giving up until the end.
6. She was an implacable enemy, relentless in her pursuit of victory.
7. He was known for his implacable willpower, never giving up on his goals.
8. She faced the implacable forces of history with a sense of resignation.
9. He had an implacable personality, unwilling to change or compromise.
10. She was an implacable critic, never satisfied with anything less than perfection.
11. He was an implacable force, always pushing forward and never looking back.
12. She was an implacable leader, never backing down in the face of adversity.
13. She was an implacable opponent, always pushing back against any challenges.
14. Despite numerous apologies, her anger remained implacable.
15. The rival factions in the conflict had an implacable hatred for each other.
16. His implacable determination led him to achieve his ambitious goals.
17. The judge's reputation for being implacable struck fear in the hearts of defendants.
18. The storm's fury was implacable, causing widespread destruction.
19. Diplomatic efforts failed to soften the leader's implacable stance on the issue.
20. Her implacable resolve to seek justice never wavered.
21. The feud between the families was marked by implacable enmity.
22. Despite years of negotiation, their differences remained implacable.
23. The disease had an implacable grip on the patient's health.
24. The criminal's implacable defiance in court shocked everyone.



unyielding, flexible, forgiving, conciliatory


Prefix im-, Suffix -able, Discipline and Self-Control, Obstacles and Hardships, Conflict and Disagreement, Conflict and Confrontation, Chasms and Carnage, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Determination and Tenacity, Endurance and Resilience, Hostility and Opposition

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