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How to pronounce resounding (audio)

Dictionary definition of resounding

Unmistakable or emphatic.
"The resounding success of the company's new product launch was a game-changer."

Detailed meaning of resounding

It implies that something is clearly evident, leaving no doubt about its meaning or significance. For instance, a resounding victory in an election is one that is achieved with a wide margin of victory, indicating a decisive mandate from the electorate. Similarly, a resounding success in business may refer to a product launch or marketing campaign that exceeds expectations, leaving no doubt about its effectiveness. The term resounding can also be used to describe a strongly held belief or conviction that is unwavering and emphatic. In this sense, it suggests a level of confidence and certainty that is unmistakable, leaving no room for doubt or ambiguity. Overall, the term resounding, when used in this context, conveys a sense of clarity, certainty, and emphatic conviction, making it a powerful adjective to describe achievements or beliefs that are clear and unwavering.

Example sentences containing resounding

1. The audience gave the performance a resounding applause.
2. Her decision to move was met with resounding support from her friends.
3. He felt a resounding sense of relief after finishing the project.
4. The team achieved a resounding victory in the championship game.
5. They enjoyed a resounding success with their new product launch.
6. The vote was a resounding no to the proposed policy.

History and etymology of resounding

The adjective 'resounding' has its etymological roots in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'resonare,' which means 'to resound' or 'to echo.' When something resounds, it produces a loud and unmistakable sound that reverberates and echoes in the surrounding environment. Over time, the term 'resounding' came to be used metaphorically to describe something that is unmistakable or emphatic, much like the echoing sound that leaves no room for doubt. 'Resounding' emphasizes the idea of something making a powerful and lasting impact, leaving a clear and lasting impression, often in a positive or emphatic sense. Therefore, the etymology of 'resounding' reflects its historical connection to the concept of sound and resonance, highlighting its role in describing things that are emphatic and unmistakable, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of resounding

1. She received a resounding endorsement from her colleagues for the promotion.
2. The echo was a resounding noise that filled the cave.
3. His speech was met with resounding approval at the conference.
4. They were awoken by the resounding crash of thunder.
5. Her first novel was a resounding success.
6. The band's concert was a resounding hit with the fans.
7. The resounding impact of his words influenced many.
8. The charity drive was a resounding success, surpassing all goals.
9. The movie received resounding praise from critics.
10. The resounding silence in the room was unnerving.
11. She had a resounding win in the competition.
12. The company reported a resounding profit this quarter.
13. His contributions to science had a resounding effect on future research.
14. There was a resounding echo in the empty hall.



emphatic, faint, weak, muted


ACT 1 (American College Testing), High School 18, Exaggeration and Grandiosity

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