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How to pronounce restrictive (audio)


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Dictionary definition of restrictive

Imposing limitations, constraints, or restrictions on a person, object, action, or situation.
"The new law imposes restrictive regulations on the use of plastic bags."

Detailed meaning of restrictive

It suggests that there are specific rules, regulations, or conditions in place that hinder or limit the freedom, choices, or possibilities available. When something is described as restrictive, it implies a lack of flexibility or the presence of strict boundaries that may impede progress, expression, or movement. It conveys the idea of being confined, regulated, or confined within certain parameters, often with the intention of maintaining order, control, or adherence to a particular set of guidelines. The term "restrictive" can be applied to various contexts, such as a restrictive diet, a restrictive policy, or a restrictive environment, where certain actions, behaviors, or opportunities are curtailed or restricted in some way.

Example sentences containing restrictive

1. The company has a restrictive dress code that requires employees to wear formal attire.
2. The school has a restrictive policy regarding cell phone usage during class.
3. The strict and restrictive rules of the boarding house made it difficult for residents to feel at ease.
4. The athlete had to follow a restrictive training program to meet the rigorous standards of the competition.
5. The country's restrictive immigration policies made it challenging for individuals to obtain work visas.
6. The organization implemented a restrictive budget that limited spending on non-essential items.

History and etymology of restrictive

The adjective 'restrictive' traces its origins to the Latin word 'restrictus,' which is the past participle of the verb 'restringere.' In Latin, 'restringere' is a compound word consisting of 're,' meaning 'back' or 'again,' and 'stringere,' meaning 'to bind' or 'to draw tight.' This combination of elements reflects the core meaning of 'restrictive' as something that tightens or binds, imposing limitations, constraints, or restrictions on a person, object, action, or situation. Over time, the term evolved in various languages, eventually giving rise to the modern English word 'restrictive,' which embodies the concept of confinement or imposition of boundaries.

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Further usage examples of restrictive

1. The airline has a restrictive baggage allowance, allowing passengers to carry only one small bag.
2. The restrictive covenants in the housing development prohibited residents from making alterations to their properties.
3. The restrictive contract terms prevented the artist from showcasing their work in other galleries.
4. The religious sect had a highly restrictive lifestyle, dictating everything from clothing choices to daily routines.
5. The government imposed restrictive measures to control the spread of the contagious disease, including lockdowns and travel restrictions.
6. The airline's baggage policy is quite restrictive.
7. The dress code at work can feel overly restrictive.
8. The contract included some restrictive clauses.
9. The new law was criticized for being too restrictive.
10. His parents had a restrictive curfew for him.
11. Some diets can be overly restrictive and unhealthy.
12. The regulations imposed by the government were seen as too restrictive.
13. The software's licensing terms were overly restrictive.
14. The school's policies on free speech seemed restrictive.
15. The HOA had some very restrictive rules.
16. The court imposed a restrictive restraining order.
17. The budget cuts led to restrictive spending measures.
18. The immigration policy was criticized for being restrictive.
19. The dress code was considered unnecessarily restrictive.
20. The policy had a restrictive impact on business growth.
21. The security measures were quite restrictive.
22. The insurance policy had some restrictive limitations.
23. The rental agreement had a restrictive pet policy.
24. The technology had a restrictive user interface.
25. The committee proposed a less restrictive policy.



limiting, liberating, permissive, unrestricted


Boundaries and Limits, Authority and Order, Discipline and Control

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