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How to pronounce retrospect (audio)


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Dictionary definition of retrospect

The act of looking back or reflecting on past events, experiences, or actions.
"In retrospect, the government should have acted sooner to address the crisis."


Detailed meaning of retrospect

It encompasses the perspective gained when one considers things that have already occurred. Retrospect involves a contemplative examination of the past, often with the goal of gaining insight, understanding, or perspective on how those events have shaped the present or may influence the future. It can involve a range of emotions, from nostalgia and appreciation to regret or analysis. In essence, retrospect allows individuals to review and assess their personal history, providing an opportunity for learning, growth, and a deeper understanding of one's life journey.

Example sentences containing retrospect

1. In retrospect, I wish I had made a different choice during that critical moment.
2. With the benefit of retrospect, the decision seemed painfully obvious.
3. She viewed her tumultuous childhood with a mix of nostalgia and retrospect.
4. Retrospect allows us to introspect, learn, and grow from our past mistakes.
5. The project's resounding success was crystal clear in retrospect.
6. In retrospect, that impromptu vacation turned out to be a life-changing experience.

History and etymology of retrospect

The noun 'retrospect' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'retrospectus,' which combines 'retro-' (meaning 'back' or 'backward') and 'spectus' (meaning 'to look' or 'to see'). Therefore, 'retrospect' etymologically signifies 'to look back' or 'to see backward.' In contemporary usage, 'retrospect' refers to the act of looking back or reflecting on past events, experiences, or actions. The etymology of 'retrospect' underscores the idea of turning one's gaze or attention backward in time, highlighting the reflective nature of revisiting the past to gain insights, understanding, or perspective on one's personal history or historical events.

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Further usage examples of retrospect

1. Retrospect helps us appreciate the incremental steps of personal growth.
2. The book serves as a profound retrospect of the author's remarkable life.
3. In retrospect, I should have seized that golden opportunity without hesitation.
4. Retrospect often reveals hidden, interconnected patterns in the tapestry of our lives.
5. His introspective retrospect on the past year was filled with newfound wisdom and gratitude.
6. In retrospect, the seemingly insurmountable challenges we faced only made us stronger.
7. She approached her past with a profound sense of retrospective wisdom and understanding.
8. Retrospect can provide closure to unresolved emotions and unanswered questions.
9. The conference served as a comprehensive retrospective of the latest scientific advancements.
10. In retrospect, his timely advice proved to be invaluable and life-altering.
11. Retrospect has the power to bring clarity to moments of confusion and doubt.
12. They gathered for a heartwarming and nostalgic retrospect on their enduring friendship.
13. In retrospect, I see the unparalleled beauty that existed within those seemingly ordinary moments.
14. Retrospect invites us to cherish, preserve, and relive our most treasured memories.
15. In retrospect, he realized that he should have listened to his gut feeling.
16. in retrospect, a career in medicine would have been a more rewarding move.
17. She looked back on her past with retrospect and realized that she had grown as a person.
18. In retrospect, the decision to invest in the company was a mistake.
19. He reflected on the events with retrospect and saw how everything had led to this moment.
20. She realized in retrospect that she had missed the warning signs.
21. In retrospect, the project was doomed from the start due to lack of funding.
22. He looked at the situation retrospectively and saw that he could have handled it better.
23. She realized retrospectively that her actions had hurt others.
24. In retrospect, the company should have diversified its portfolio to mitigate the risks.
25. He looked back on his life retrospectively and saw how much he had accomplished.
26. She realized retrospectively that she had been too focused on her career and had neglected her personal life.



reflection, anticipation, foresight, future


Attention and Focus, Recollect and Ruminate, Thought and Mind

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