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How to pronounce revere (audio)

Dictionary definition of revere

To deeply admire, respect, and hold someone or something in high esteem.
"The martial artists revere their master for his unmatched skills and teachings."

Detailed meaning of revere

When you revere someone or something, you regard them with great honor, reverence, and often, a sense of awe. It implies a profound level of admiration and recognition of their worth, virtues, or significance. Revering can be associated with religious or spiritual devotion, as well as admiration for exemplary individuals, ideals, or principles. It involves treating the revered person or thing with utmost respect, reverence, and sometimes even devotion. Reverence often manifests through acts of deference, praise, or expressions of deep admiration and gratitude. By revering someone or something, we acknowledge their importance and strive to honor and uphold their values or teachings.

Example sentences containing revere

1. Many people revere Mother Teresa for her selfless dedication to the poor.
2. In ancient times, societies used to revere the sun as a god.
3. The students revere their old professor for the wisdom he shared.
4. In some cultures, people revere their ancestors by offering food and gifts at shrines.
5. The villagers revere the ancient tree and believe it has mystical powers.
6. Fans of classic literature often revere Shakespeare for his contributions to the English language.

History and etymology of revere

The noun 'reverberation' has its origins in Latin and is rooted in the word 'reverberatio,' which was derived from 'reverberare.' The Latin term 'reverberare' combines 're-' (meaning 'again' or 'back') and 'verberare' (meaning 'to lash' or 'to strike'). Originally, it was used in a physical sense to describe the act of striking back or rebounding. Over time, this concept was applied to the phenomenon of sound as it relates to echoing and bouncing off surfaces. 'Reverberation' thus encapsulates the idea of sound waves being reflected off objects or surfaces, creating a prolonged and echoing effect that is often experienced in enclosed or confined spaces. Its etymology reflects the notion of sound waves striking back, resonating, and continuing to fill a space with echoes.

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Further usage examples of revere

1. The soldiers revere their general for leading them to victory.
2. The followers of the movement revere their leader as a visionary.
3. In Japan, people revere Mount Fuji and consider it a spiritual place.
4. Some people revere relics and believe they possess sacred qualities.
5. The community began to revere the humble man when they discovered his secret acts of kindness.
6. Conservationists revere national parks for the untouched beauty they preserve.
7. Scientists often revere groundbreaking research that paves the way for new discoveries.
8. Children in the town revere the old storyteller for the enchanting tales she weaves.
9. Many people revere Martin Luther King Jr. for his civil rights leadership.
10. The artist's work is widely revered for its innovation and creativity.
11. In Japan, the cherry blossom is revered as a symbol of beauty and renewal.
12. She truly reveres her grandmother for her wisdom and kindness.
13. The community came together to revere their local hero.
14. Scientists revere Marie Curie for her groundbreaking research.
15. People around the world revere Mahatma Gandhi for his dedication to peace.
16. The professor is revered by his students for his knowledge and teaching.
17. Fans revere the rock band for their legendary performances.
18. The ancient temple is revered as a sacred place of worship.
19. Many writers revere Shakespeare for his timeless literary works.
20. He deeply reveres the principles of honesty and integrity.
21. The athlete is revered for his outstanding sportsmanship.
22. Artists often revere nature for its endless inspiration.
23. The nation reveres its founding fathers for their vision and courage.
24. Buddhists revere the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.
25. The chef is revered for his culinary skills and creativity.
26. People revere the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.
27. The actor is widely revered for his versatile performances.
28. Historians revere the document as a critical piece of history.



honor, despise, scorn, disdain


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