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How to pronounce cherish (audio)

Dictionary definition of cherish

To hold something or someone dear and treating them with great affection, value, and care.
"I cherish the memories of our family vacations."

Detailed meaning of cherish

When you cherish something or someone, you deeply appreciate their presence, qualities, or significance in your life. It goes beyond mere fondness or admiration, encompassing a sense of profound love, tenderness, and reverence. Cherishing involves nurturing and protecting the object of affection, whether it is a person, a memory, an experience, or an object. It implies treasuring and safeguarding the precious moments, relationships, or possessions that bring joy, comfort, and meaning. Cherishing often involves gratitude and a conscious effort to preserve and cultivate the special bond or connection. It is an expression of deep emotional attachment and a commitment to cherish and hold dear the things that truly matter to us.

Example sentences of cherish

1. We must cherish the time we have with our loved ones.
2. If you find true love, cherish it with all your heart.
3. People often forget to cherish the simple pleasures in life.
4. Children, cherish your education, as it will open doors for you.
5. You should cherish the opportunities that come your way.
6. I will always cherish the memories of our friendship.

History and etymology of cherish

The verb 'cherish' has a rich etymology that reflects its profound meaning. It traces its roots to the Old French word 'cherir,' which in turn, comes from the Latin 'carus,' meaning 'dear' or 'beloved.' This linguistic journey highlights the core essence of 'cherish'—to hold something or someone dear and treat them with affection, value, and care. It encapsulates the notion of treasuring and protecting what is beloved, making it a word steeped in emotional significance. The etymology of 'cherish' underscores the deep and timeless human instinct to hold close to one's heart those things and people that are precious and beloved.

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Further usage examples of cherish

1. It’s important to cherish the relationships that make us happy.
2. He advised them to cherish their cultural heritage.
3. Cherish the moments that take your breath away.
4. We need to cherish and protect our natural resources.
5. Travelers often cherish the experiences they gain abroad.
6. I believe we must cherish the wisdom passed down from our ancestors.
7. Let us cherish the bonds that keep our community strong.
8. They encourage their children to cherish creativity and imagination.
9. Always cherish the kindness shown to you by others.
10. Sometimes, it’s the little things we should cherish the most.
11. We have to cherish our health by eating well and staying active.
12. In relationships, cherish the laughter and joy shared together.
13. It’s essential to cherish the diversity in our society.
14. Artists often cherish the freedom to express themselves.



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