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How to pronounce risqué (audio)


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Dictionary definition of risqué

Provocative, slightly indecent, or bordering on impropriety.
"The comedian's risqué jokes had the audience laughing nervously."


Detailed meaning of risqué

It refers to content, behavior, or language that is considered daring, titillating, or sexually suggestive in nature. When something is described as risqué, it implies a departure from conventional standards of modesty or appropriateness, often intended to evoke a sense of intrigue, amusement, or shock. Risqué elements can be found in various forms of entertainment, such as movies, literature, or performances, where they challenge social norms or push the boundaries of acceptability. It is important to note that the perception of what is considered risqué may vary among different individuals or cultural contexts. Overall, the adjective risqué carries an element of edginess, naughtiness, or flirtatiousness, lending an air of excitement or controversy to the subject matter at hand.

Example sentences containing risqué

1. She wore a risqué outfit that turned heads wherever she went.
2. The movie contained several risqué scenes that garnered attention from viewers.
3. His risqué sense of humor often got him in trouble at family gatherings.
4. The fashion show featured models in risqué lingerie designs.
5. The artist's paintings were known for their bold and risqué subject matter.
6. The novel was criticized for its explicit and risqué content.

History and etymology of risqué

The adjective 'risqué' has a fascinating etymology that harkens back to its French origins. It is derived from the French word 'risquer,' which means 'to risk' or 'to venture.' In the late 18th century, the French term 'à risque' was used to describe something that involved risk or danger, often in a financial sense. As it evolved, 'risqué' took on a more nuanced meaning in both French and English, referring to something that was daring, provocative, or slightly indecent, and therefore carried the risk of causing offense or scandal. Today, 'risqué' is commonly used in English to describe content or behavior that is bold, daring, or suggestive, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered proper or socially acceptable.

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Further usage examples of risqué

1. The dancer's performance was sensual and risqué, captivating the audience.
2. The magazine cover featured a risqué photo shoot that caused controversy.
3. The nightclub hosted a risqué burlesque show that drew a diverse crowd.
4. The comedian's risqué stand-up routine pushed the boundaries of comedic expression.
5. The play tackled risqué themes and challenged societal norms.
6. The burlesque show featured a risqué performance.
7. Her choice of attire was considered quite risqué.
8. The comedian's jokes often veered into risqué territory.
9. The movie had a few risqué scenes that raised eyebrows.
10. His flirtatious comments had a risqué undertone.
11. The art exhibit included some risqué paintings.
12. Her sense of humor was known for being slightly risqué.
13. The novel explored the protagonist's risqué adventures.
14. The dance routine was choreographed with a risqué flair.
15. The nightclub was famous for its risqué atmosphere.
16. The magazine cover featured a risqué photoshoot.
17. The play's dialogue contained several risqué innuendos.
18. The fashion designer was known for creating risqué designs.
19. The party had a risqué theme, with daring costumes.
20. The comedian's humor was considered edgy and risqué.
21. The TV show pushed boundaries with its risqué content.
22. The song's lyrics contained some risqué language.
23. The comedian's stand-up routine was filled with risqué jokes.
24. The conversation took a risqué turn as the night went on.
25. The restaurant's decor had a slightly risqué vibe.



suggestive, decent, innocent, proper


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