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How to pronounce safeguard (audio)


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Dictionary definition of safeguard

A measure or action taken to protect or ensure the safety, security, or well-being of someone or something.
"The company implemented strict security measures as a safeguard against data breaches."

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Detailed meaning of safeguard

It represents a preventative or protective measure that serves as a barrier against potential harm, danger, or unwanted outcomes. Safeguards can be physical, procedural, or legal in nature, aiming to reduce or eliminate risks, threats, or vulnerabilities. They are put in place to mitigate potential hazards, maintain security, or uphold certain standards. Safeguards are designed to provide assurance, protection, or defense against various forms of harm, whether it be physical, financial, informational, or reputational. They play a vital role in minimizing risks and ensuring the smooth operation, integrity, or welfare of individuals, organizations, systems, or assets. Safeguards are essential components of effective risk management, helping to maintain stability, trust, and the overall well-being of what is being safeguarded.

Example sentences containing safeguard

1. Encryption is a crucial safeguard against unauthorized access to sensitive data.
2. The security guard serves as a safeguard to protect the premises from intruders.
3. Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is an important safeguard for head protection.
4. The vaccine acts as a safeguard against certain infectious diseases.
5. The contract includes a safeguard clause to protect both parties' interests.
6. Fire alarms and sprinkler systems are important safeguards in buildings.

History and etymology of safeguard

The noun 'safeguard' has an etymology rooted in the idea of protection and safety. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'sæfnes,' which is a combination of 'sæ' (meaning safe) and 'nes' (meaning a state or condition). This Old English term evolved into 'safegard' during Middle English, and eventually, the modern spelling 'safeguard' emerged. The concept of a 'safeguard' has consistently revolved around the notion of taking measures or actions to ensure the safety, security, or well-being of someone or something. The word's etymology reflects its fundamental purpose – to guard against harm or danger and maintain a state of safety and protection.

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Further usage examples of safeguard

1. The backup generator serves as a safeguard against power outages.
2. The parental control settings on the device act as a safeguard for child safety.
3. The safety deposit box provides a secure safeguard for valuable documents and belongings.
4. The confidentiality agreement serves as a safeguard for protecting sensitive information.
5. Regular inspections are conducted as a safeguard to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
6. Security cameras are a crucial safeguard for our property.
7. A strong password is an essential online safeguard.
8. Vaccination is a vital safeguard against certain diseases.
9. The alarm system serves as a reliable safeguard at night.
10. Seat belts are a fundamental safeguard in automobile safety.
11. Building codes exist to safeguard public safety.
12. Cybersecurity measures protect data as a critical safeguard.
13. Lifeguards provide an important safeguard at the beach.
14. Safety regulations are a necessary safeguard in the workplace.
15. Insurance is a financial safeguard in times of crisis.
16. Diplomacy serves as a crucial safeguard against conflict.
17. The Constitution serves as a safeguard of our rights.
18. Parental controls on devices protect kids as a safeguard.
19. Emergency exits are a primary safeguard in buildings.
20. Legal contracts serve as a safeguard in business dealings.
21. Vaccination passports act as a safeguard during pandemics.
22. Airbags are a significant automotive safety safeguard.
23. Environmental regulations are a safeguard for our planet.
24. Background checks are a prudent safeguard in hiring.
25. Redundant systems offer a safeguard against technical failures.



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