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How to pronounce protection (audio)

Dictionary definition of protection

The act or process of safeguarding or defending someone or something from harm, danger, or unwanted outcomes.
"The witness was placed under witness protection due to safety concerns."

Detailed meaning of protection

It implies measures taken to ensure the safety, well-being, or preservation of individuals, assets, rights, or interests. Protection can manifest in various forms, such as physical security, legal safeguards, insurance coverage, or preventative measures. It involves creating a barrier or shield against potential threats, risks, or adverse circumstances. Protection can be provided by individuals, organizations, or systems designed to offer security and mitigate potential harm. It encompasses the concept of shielding or preserving something valuable, whether it be tangible or intangible. In essence, protection is the proactive action or state of safeguarding, shielding, or defending against potential harm, ensuring the preservation and security of what is deemed valuable or essential.

Example sentences containing protection

1. Wearing a helmet provides protection for your head while riding a bike.
2. The security guard ensures the protection of the building and its occupants.
3. We need to invest in antivirus software for better protection against cyber threats.
4. The endangered species requires legal protection to prevent its extinction.
5. The umbrella provided protection from the heavy rain.
6. The company offers health insurance as a form of protection for its employees.

History and etymology of protection

The noun 'protection' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'protectionem,' which is derived from 'protegere.' In Latin, 'protegere' combines 'pro,' meaning 'forward' or 'in front of,' and 'tegere,' meaning 'to cover' or 'to shield.' Thus, 'protegere' meant 'to cover in front of' or 'to shield from harm.' This concept was adopted into Old French as 'proteccion' and later made its way into Middle English as 'protection,' retaining its core meaning. 'Protection' refers to the act or process of safeguarding or defending someone or something from harm, danger, or unwanted outcomes by providing a shield or cover. The etymology of 'protection' underscores its historical connection to the idea of shielding or covering in front of, emphasizing its role in ensuring safety and security.

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Further usage examples of protection

1. Parents have a duty to provide protection and care for their children.
2. The security system provides 24/7 protection for the premises.
3. Environmental regulations aim to ensure the protection of natural resources.
4. Wearing sunscreen offers protection against harmful UV rays.
5. The police officer provided protection to the victim during the trial.
6. Personal protection is essential in today's uncertain world.
7. Adequate protection ensures a safe and secure environment.
8. The helmet provides vital head protection for cyclists.
9. Online privacy protection is a growing concern for many.
10. Environmental protection is crucial for future generations.
11. The security team is responsible for event protection.
12. Vaccination is a key tool in disease protection.
13. Fire protection systems are installed throughout the building.
14. Legal protection is available for intellectual property.
15. The password offers a layer of digital protection.
16. Wilderness rangers focus on natural resource protection.
17. Protective clothing shields workers from hazardous materials.
18. Child protection agencies work to safeguard vulnerable kids.
19. Data encryption is vital for online protection.
20. Insurance provides financial protection in emergencies.
21. Protective measures are in place to prevent accidents.
22. National parks require constant wildlife protection efforts.
23. The constitution guarantees freedom of speech protection.
24. Security cameras enhance property protection.
25. Strong passwords are a basic form of online protection.



safeguard, exposure, vulnerability, danger


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