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How to pronounce scavenge (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scavenge

To search through debris or waste in order to find something useful or valuable.
"Children in slums scavenge for recyclables to earn a meager income."

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Detailed meaning of scavenge

The term is often used in the context of animals, where it refers to the behavior of foraging for food in a specific area. In an industrial or mechanical context, scavenging refers to the process of recovering useful materials or components from waste or discarded materials. For example, in an internal combustion engine, scavenging is the process of removing exhaust gases from the cylinder before new fuel and air are introduced. In a computer science context, scavenging refers to the process of searching through unallocated or unused memory for useful data. In all cases, scavenging implies a search for something useful in something that is otherwise considered waste or discarded.

Example sentences containing scavenge

1. Families in poverty scavenge for food scraps to survive.
2. Desperate individuals often scavenge for discarded goods.
3. In extreme poverty, people scavenge for shelter materials.
4. Impoverished communities scavenge for clean water sources.
5. Many homeless individuals scavenge for discarded clothing.
6. Some people in dire straits scavenge for edible plants.

History and etymology of scavenge

The verb 'scavenge' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'scæfian,' which means 'to take as booty' or 'to plunder.' Over time, the meaning of 'scavenge' evolved to refer to the act of searching through debris or waste in order to find something useful or valuable. In its contemporary usage, 'scavenge' embodies the idea of resourcefulness and survival, as individuals or animals engage in scavenging to obtain necessities or treasures from discarded or overlooked materials. It is a term often associated with foraging for sustenance or repurposing discarded items, highlighting the instinctual and adaptive behaviors exhibited in the quest for finding value amid what others may consider waste.

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Further usage examples of scavenge

1. The hungry often scavenge for overlooked food donations.
2. Impoverished families scavenge for firewood to cook with.
3. In urban poverty, individuals scavenge for safe places to sleep.
4. I scavenge the alien spacecraft for advanced technology.
5. We scavenge the distant planet for signs of life.
6. She scavenge the underground bunker for hidden treasures.
7. They scavenge the time-traveling portal for lost artifacts.
8. He scavenge the parallel dimension for rare crystals.
9. I scavenge the virtual reality world for hidden quests.
10. We scavenge the digital wasteland for forgotten files.
11. She scavenge the post-war landscape for relics.
12. They scavenge the cybernetic city for spare parts.
13. He scavenge the alien planet for ancient artifacts.
14. I scavenge the dream realm for lost memories.



forage, discard, waste, ignore


Consumption and Utilization, Discovery and Exploration, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty

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