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How to pronounce scrub (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scrub

To vigorously clean or rub a surface or object using a brush, sponge, or similar tool.
"I need to scrub the bathtub to get rid of the soap scum."

Detailed meaning of scrub

It involves applying pressure and friction to remove dirt, grime, stains, or other unwanted substances. Scrubbing is often performed using water and a cleaning agent or soap to enhance the cleaning process. The intent behind scrubbing is to eliminate dirt or residue that cannot be easily removed through lighter cleaning methods. It is commonly used when cleaning various surfaces such as floors, walls, countertops, dishes, or clothing. Additionally, scrubbing can also be employed in body care routines, like scrubbing the skin to exfoliate and remove dead cells. The act of scrubbing is typically characterized by a back-and-forth or circular motion, exerting effort to achieve a thorough and deep cleaning.

Example sentences containing scrub

1. I scrub my hands vigorously before preparing food.
2. She used a brush to scrub the stubborn stains off the floor.
3. The cleaner had to scrub the bathtub to remove the grime.
4. The nurse will scrub the surgical instruments before the operation.
5. The mother asked her child to scrub the vegetables before cooking.
6. I need to scrub the burnt food off the bottom of the pan.

History and etymology of scrub

The verb 'scrub' finds its origins in the Middle English word 'scrubben,' which evolved from the Old Norse word 'skrubba.' In turn, 'skrubba' is believed to have been influenced by the Middle Low German word 'schrubben.' These early forms of the word all conveyed the action of cleaning or rubbing a surface vigorously using a brush or similar tool. Over time, the word 'scrub' has retained its essence of thorough and energetic cleaning, making it a fitting term for tasks that require such concerted effort to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces.

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Further usage examples of scrub

1. The janitor had to scrub the graffiti off the walls.
2. He used a scrub brush to scrub the tile grout in the bathroom.
3. I scrub my face every night before bed.
4. The maid had to scrub the stubborn stain out of the carpet.
5. He had to scrub the oil stains off his clothes after working on the car.
6. The children were instructed to scrub the blackboard after class.
7. I scrub the bathtub weekly to keep it looking fresh.
8. She had to scrub the mud off her shoes after walking through the garden.
9. The students were assigned to scrub the laboratory equipment after the experiment.
10. She must scrub the stubborn stain from the carpet.
11. He regularly scrubs the dishes until they gleam.
12. The janitor daily scrubs the floors.
13. She vigorously scrubs her hands to remove the dirt.
14. He's going to scrub the rust from the old bicycle.
15. They plan to scrub the deck of the boat before sailing.
16. She diligently scrubs the kitchen counters to perfection.
17. He needs to scrub the graffiti off the wall.
18. The team will have to scrub the mud from their uniforms.
19. She insists on scrubbing the bathroom tiles until they sparkle.
20. He intends to scrub the car to get rid of the dirt.
21. They're going to scrub the grime from the windows.
22. She always scrubs the vegetables before cooking.
23. He makes it a habit to scrub the barbecue grill clean.
24. The maid should scrub the bathtub vigorously.
25. They work together to scrub the barn floor after mucking it out.
26. She wants to scrub the whiteboard to erase the marks.
27. He asks the students to help him scrub the blackboard.
28. The volunteers regularly scrub the graffiti off the playground.
29. She plans to scrub the laundry until it smells fresh.



cleanse, dirty, soil, stain


Help and Support, Cleanliness and Upkeep, Effort and Exertion, Actions and Manoeuvres

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