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How to pronounce secede (audio)


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Dictionary definition of secede

To formally withdraw or separate from a larger organization, group, or entity, often in order to establish a new, independent one.
"Catalonia has attempted to secede from Spain multiple times in recent history."

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Detailed meaning of secede

This can be a political or social group, such as a country or state, or it can refer to any other type of organization or institution. The process of seceding typically involves a formal declaration or agreement of separation, and may involve negotiations over issues such as the division of assets, boundaries, and other matters. While secession is often associated with political movements seeking independence or autonomy, it can also be driven by social, economic, or cultural factors, and can be a contentious and divisive process that can have significant impacts on the parties involved.

Example sentences containing secede

1. The state decided to secede from the union.
2. The group voted to secede from the organization.
3. The region threatened to secede if their demands weren't met.
4. The island wanted to secede and become an independent nation.
5. The province planned to secede from the country.
6. The city council debated whether to secede from the county.

History and etymology of secede

The verb 'secede' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'secedere,' which is a combination of 'se' (apart) and 'cedere' (to go). In Latin, 'secedere' originally meant to withdraw or go apart from a larger group or entity. Over time, this term was adapted into English as 'secede,' retaining its fundamental meaning of formally withdrawing or separating from a larger organization, group, or entity, often with the intent of establishing a new and independent one. The etymology of 'secede' emphasizes the notion of a deliberate and formal breakaway, highlighting the act of departing from a larger body to pursue an autonomous path or identity.

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Further usage examples of secede

1. The tribe considered whether to secede from the federation.
2. The party proposed a bill to secede from the existing alliance.
3. The mayor suggested that the town should secede from the neighboring city.
4. The residents voted overwhelmingly to secede from the district.
5. The separatist movement aimed to secede from the central government.
6. The community leader called for a meeting to discuss the possibility to secede from the state.
7. The county commissioners discussed the implications of seceding from the state.
8. The organization drafted a resolution to secede from the international body.
9. The minority group sought to secede from the majority-dominated region.
10. The tribal council authorized a referendum to decide whether to secede from the nation.
11. The political party's platform included a pledge to secede from the global agreement.
12. The breakaway faction worked diligently to gather support and secede from the main group.
13. The rebels plotted to secede from the ruling regime and establish their own government.
14. The leaders of the secessionist movement campaigned vigorously for the right to secede.



withdraw, join, unite, integrate


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