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How to pronounce selfless (audio)

Dictionary definition of selfless

Characterized by a complete lack of selfishness or concern for oneself.
"The selfless volunteers spent their weekends helping the homeless community."

Detailed meaning of selfless

It refers to the quality of being altruistic, putting the needs, well-being, or interests of others above one's own. A selfless individual acts with a genuine desire to help or benefit others without expecting any personal gain or recognition in return. This quality often involves acts of generosity, compassion, and sacrifice for the greater good. A selfless person is driven by empathy and a deep sense of caring for others, showing an exceptional ability to prioritize the well-being and happiness of those around them. Their actions are motivated by a sense of duty or a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others, often without seeking personal rewards or acknowledgement.

Example sentences containing selfless

1. Sarah's selfless act of donating her entire bonus to charity touched everyone's hearts.
2. John's selfless nature led him to always put others' needs before his own.
3. She received an award for her selfless dedication to improving the lives of underprivileged children.
4. The firefighter's selfless bravery saved numerous lives during the raging fire.
5. His selfless gesture of giving up his seat for an elderly passenger on the bus was appreciated by everyone.
6. The selfless teacher stayed late every day to provide extra help to struggling students.

History and etymology of selfless

The adjective 'selfless' is formed by adding the suffix '-less' to the word 'self.' 'Self' has its origins in Old English as 'sylf' and is related to the concept of one's individual identity or being. The suffix '-less' is used to negate or indicate the absence of a quality, in this case, 'selfishness.' When combined, 'selfless' conveys the idea of being without self-interest or concern for oneself. It reflects a state of altruism and devotion to others, where one's own desires and needs take a back seat to the welfare and interests of others. In essence, the etymology of 'selfless' reflects its core meaning of being characterized by a complete lack of selfishness or self-centeredness, emphasizing a focus on the well-being and happiness of others.

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Further usage examples of selfless

1. Their selfless teamwork allowed them to achieve great success in the project.
2. The selfless act of forgiveness brought healing and reconciliation to their strained relationship.
3. The selfless doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to provide medical care to those in need.
4. It was heartwarming to witness the selfless love and care the siblings had for each other.
5. The selfless mentor dedicated her time and energy to guide and support young aspiring artists.
6. Her selfless act of donating her entire savings touched everyone's hearts.
7. The selfless volunteers worked tirelessly to help those in need.
8. Selfless love knows no boundaries and is boundless in its giving.
9. He was known for his selfless dedication to the community.
10. Selfless individuals often find fulfillment in helping others.
11. Their selfless sacrifice inspired others to do the same.
12. Selfless acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity.
13. She had a selfless spirit that shone in every aspect of her life.
14. The selfless decision to prioritize others' needs saved lives.
15. True leadership requires a selfless commitment to the team's success.
16. Selfless friendships are built on trust and mutual support.
17. Selfless parents always put their children's well-being first.
18. Her selfless nature made her a beloved figure in the neighborhood.
19. Selfless giving is the cornerstone of a strong community.
20. In times of crisis, selfless heroes emerge to help others.
21. Selfless individuals often find happiness in making others smile.
22. Selfless devotion to a cause can lead to meaningful change.
23. The selfless act of forgiveness can heal deep wounds.
24. He admired her selfless determination to make the world better.
25. Selfless love is the most precious gift one can give and receive.



altruistic, selfish, egotistical, self-centered


Suffix -less, Care and Nurture, Fortitude and Rebellion, Resilience and Resolve, Persistence and Perseverance

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