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How to pronounce altruistic (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'altruistic'

Selflessly concerned for the well-being of others, often with no thought of personal gain or reward.
"Her altruistic nature led her to volunteer at the local homeless shelter every week."

Detailed meaning of 'altruistic'

It is a quality that is characterized by a genuine concern for others, and an unwavering commitment to doing good and making a positive impact in the world. People who are altruistic are often described as being kind, compassionate, and selfless, and they are willing to put the needs of others before their own. Altruism can manifest in many different forms, including volunteering, donating to charity, or helping others in their time of need. Whether it is through small acts of kindness or larger gestures, altruism is a powerful force for good that can have a profound impact on those around us, and on the world as a whole. Overall, altruism is a quality that is highly valued, and it represents a selfless commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

History and etymology of 'altruistic'

The adjective 'altruistic' has its roots in the Latin language. It derives from the French word 'altruisme,' which was coined in the 19th century by the philosopher Auguste Comte. Comte constructed this term from the Italian word 'altrui,' meaning 'others,' and the suffix '-isme,' which is of Greek origin and denotes a doctrine or belief. Therefore, the etymology of 'altruistic' reveals its essence as a concept centered around the concern for the well-being of others, without the expectation of personal gain or reward, a notion that has evolved over time to describe a noble and selfless quality in individuals.

Example sentences containing 'altruistic'

1. The billionaire philanthropist's altruistic donations have made a significant impact on society.
2. The organization relies on the generosity of altruistic individuals who donate their time and resources.
3. Her altruistic decision to rescue the stray animals from the storm touched the hearts of many.
4. The doctor's altruistic approach to medicine prioritized patient well-being over financial gain.
5. The young girl's altruistic spirit motivated her to start a fundraising campaign for children's education.
6. The team's altruistic teamwork and support for one another led to their success.
7. Her altruistic dedication to humanitarian causes has saved countless lives.
8. The altruistic spirit of the volunteers shines through their selfless acts of kindness.
9. Altruistic individuals find fulfillment in making the world a better place for everyone.
10. The altruistic philanthropist donated a substantial portion of their wealth to charity.
11. Altruistic leaders prioritize the needs and well-being of their team members.
12. The altruistic organization tirelessly works to alleviate poverty and suffering.
13. Altruistic actions are driven by a genuine desire to uplift the less fortunate.
14. His altruistic nature led him to establish a foundation to support education.
15. Altruistic deeds create a positive chain reaction, inspiring others to give back.
16. The altruistic doctor provided free medical care to underserved communities.
17. Altruistic gestures often go unrecognized but leave an enduring impact.
18. Altruistic love is characterized by its selflessness and unwavering support.
19. The altruistic teacher goes above and beyond to nurture her students' potential.
20. Altruistic leaders inspire their teams to pursue a common vision of betterment.
21. Their altruistic sacrifices exemplify the highest ideals of humanity.
22. The world is a brighter place thanks to the altruistic efforts of many.
23. Altruistic intentions drive innovative solutions to societal challenges.
24. The altruistic mission of the organization is to bring hope to marginalized communities.
25. Altruistic values are rooted in a deep empathy for the struggles of others.
26. The altruistic legacy of great leaders lives on in the positive changes they've brought about.



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