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How to pronounce sensual (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sensual

Relating to or stimulating the physical senses, particularly those associated with pleasure or gratification.
"The couple shared a sensual embrace under the moonlight."

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Detailed meaning of sensual

It pertains to the indulgence and appreciation of sensory pleasure, often involving touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. When something is described as sensual, it suggests a strong connection to the body and an emphasis on sensuous enjoyment. It can be associated with the exploration of physical sensations, intimacy, or the expression of desire and passion. Additionally, the term "sensual" can also be used to describe objects, environments, or artistic works that evoke a strong sensory response or captivate the senses, such as sensual music, a sensual fragrance, or a sensual dance. Overall, the adjective "sensual" conveys a focus on the sensual aspects of human experience, inviting an appreciation and engagement with the pleasures derived from the senses.

Example sentences containing sensual

1. The sensual aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.
2. She enjoyed the sensual pleasure of a warm bubble bath.
3. The dancer moved with sensual grace, captivating the audience.
4. The silky fabric against her skin gave her a sensual sensation.
5. The painting depicted a sensual scene of two lovers entwined.
6. The chef prepared a sensual feast of flavors and textures.

History and etymology of sensual

The adjective 'sensual' has its etymological origins in Latin and is closely connected to the Latin word 'sensus,' which means 'sense' or 'feeling.' In ancient Rome, 'sensus' encompassed the idea of perceiving and feeling things through the physical senses, such as touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. The term 'sensualis' was derived from 'sensus,' and it was used to describe experiences, pleasures, or behaviors that were intimately connected with the physical senses, often those associated with pleasure or gratification. As Latin influenced the development of Old French, 'sensualis' evolved into 'sensuel,' and from there, it entered Middle English as 'sensual.' Thus, the etymology of 'sensual' reflects its close association with the stimulation of the physical senses, particularly those related to pleasure or gratification, rooted in the Latin concept of 'sensus.'

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Further usage examples of sensual

1. The soft, sensual music set the mood for a romantic evening.
2. The sensual massage melted away all her stress and tension.
3. The exotic tropical fruits offered a sensual explosion of flavors.
4. The book described a sensual encounter between the main characters.
5. The flickering candlelight created a sensual ambiance in the room.
6. The sensual aroma of freshly baked bread filled the kitchen.
7. She moved with a sensual grace on the dance floor.
8. The romantic candlelit dinner created a sensual atmosphere.
9. His sensual touch sent shivers down her spine.
10. The silk sheets added a sensual touch to the bedroom decor.
11. The artist's painting had a sensual quality that intrigued viewers.
12. The warm, tropical breeze was a sensual delight on the beach.
13. The sensual allure of exotic spices enhanced the dish.
14. The music had a sensual rhythm that drew people to the dance floor.
15. Her sensual lips were impossible to resist.
16. The soft, sensual lighting in the room set the mood for intimacy.
17. The movie's love scenes were filled with sensual tension.
18. A sensual massage can be incredibly relaxing and pleasurable.
19. The taste of dark chocolate is often described as sensual.
20. The perfume had a sensual, alluring fragrance.
21. The sensual poetry captured the beauty of the natural world.
22. His sensual voice had a hypnotic quality that captivated listeners.
23. The sensual embrace of the ocean waves was soothing.
24. The intimate dinner was a sensual experience for the couple.
25. The dancer's movements were both sensual and mesmerizing



erotic, chaste, ascetic, puritanical


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