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How to pronounce solitary (audio)

Dictionary definition of solitary

Characterized by being alone, secluded, or living or functioning independently from others.
"The prisoner spent weeks in solitary confinement."

Detailed meaning of solitary

When a person is described as solitary, it implies a preference or tendency for solitude and isolation, often enjoying their own company and solitary activities. In the natural world, solitary animals are those that typically live, hunt, or travel alone, without forming social groups or packs. In broader contexts, "solitary" can also describe objects or places that are isolated or standing alone, without any immediate companions or surroundings. This term underscores the idea of being alone or independent, whether by choice or circumstance, and it carries connotations of self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Example sentences containing solitary

1. The solitary hiker enjoyed the tranquility of the wilderness.
2. Her solitary cabin nestled deep in the forest.
3. A solitary tree stood tall in the vast desert.
4. The solitary writer found inspiration in solitude.
5. He led a solitary life in the remote mountains.
6. The solitary island was a haven for wildlife.

History and etymology of solitary

The adjective 'solitary' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'solitarius,' which is formed from 'solus,' meaning 'alone' or 'solitary.' 'Solitary' originally described someone or something existing in a state of aloneness or seclusion. Over time, it evolved to encompass not only physical solitude but also the idea of functioning independently or living a self-reliant life, away from the company of others. The etymology of 'solitary' emphasizes the concept of being alone or separate, whether in a physical or independent sense, reflecting the idea of isolation or self-sufficiency that characterizes someone or something described as 'solitary.'

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Further usage examples of solitary

1. A solitary star shone brightly in the night sky.
2. The solitary fox prowled the silent woods.
3. She relished her solitary moments by the fireplace.
4. The solitary lighthouse guided ships safely.
5. A solitary flower bloomed in the barren landscape.
6. His solitary existence gave him time for introspection.
7. The solitary astronaut marveled at Earth from space.
8. The solitary hermit lived in seclusion by the river.
9. A solitary fisherman cast his line into the calm lake.
10. The solitary owl hooted in the moonlit forest.
11. Her solitary art studio was filled with creativity.
12. The solitary explorer charted uncharted territories.
13. A solitary bench overlooked the peaceful meadow.
14. The solitary lily stood out in the garden.
15. The solitary musician played to an empty room.
16. A solitary path led to a hidden waterfall.
17. The solitary librarian cherished the quiet library.
18. His solitary thoughts were his greatest companions.
19. The solitary sentinel guarded the ancient castle.
20. The hermit lived a solitary life in the forest.
21. The lone wolf wandered through the woods in solitary silence.
22. After a long day at work, he enjoyed the solitary comfort of his home.
23. The mountain climber trekked to a solitary peak to find inner peace.
24. The artist preferred to work in solitary, away from any distractions.
25. The lighthouse keeper enjoyed the solitary beauty of the sea.
26. The desert island was a solitary haven for the shipwrecked sailor.
27. The astronaut spent months in a solitary orbit around the Earth.
28. The widow grieved in solitary, surrounded only by memories.
29. The monk sought enlightenment through solitary meditation.
30. The writer's solitary confinement yielded a best-selling novel.



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