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How to pronounce shambles (audio)

Dictionary definition of shambles

A situation or place that is chaotic, disorganized, or in a state of complete disorder.
"Their relationship was in a shambles after the betrayal."

Detailed meaning of shambles

It is often associated with a scene of great confusion or destruction, and can suggest a lack of control or direction. For example, a room that has been ransacked might be described as a shambles, or a business that is failing might be said to be in a state of shambles. The term "shambles" can also be used more broadly to describe a general sense of disorder or chaos, whether in a physical or figurative sense. Overall, the term "shambles" suggests a state of great disorder or confusion, often associated with a lack of organization or control.

Example sentences containing shambles

1. The kitchen was in a shambles after a chaotic cooking session.
2. The hurricane left the town in a shambles, with homes destroyed.
3. The project's disorganization resulted in a complete shambles.
4. The meeting was a shambles, with no clear agenda or direction.
5. The garden was in a shambles after a storm uprooted plants.
6. The car's interior was a shambles after a messy road trip.

History and etymology of shambles

The noun 'shambles' originally referred to a place of slaughter, particularly a butcher's stall or market where animals were slaughtered for meat. Its etymology can be traced back to the Old English word 'sceamel,' meaning 'stool' or 'bench,' which later evolved into 'shamel' and eventually 'shambles.' Over time, 'shambles' took on a figurative meaning, describing a situation or place that is chaotic, disorganized, or in a state of complete disorder, much like the messy aftermath of a slaughter. Whether used to describe a logistical shambles, a financial shambles, or a political shambles, this term underscores the concept of a situation or place characterized by confusion and disarray.

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Further usage examples of shambles

1. The team's performance was a shambles, leading to defeat.
2. The office was in a shambles due to a mismanaged move.
3. The party preparations were in a shambles with last-minute changes.
4. The financial records were a shambles, requiring a thorough audit.
5. The relationship was in a shambles after constant arguments.
6. The bookshelf was in a shambles after an accidental collision.
7. The plans for the event were in a shambles after cancellations.
8. The disaster relief efforts faced logistical shambles.
9. The shop's inventory was in a shambles due to poor management.
10. The room was in a shambles after a playful pillow fight.
11. The experiment's results were in a shambles due to equipment failure.
12. The holiday decorations were in a shambles after a gust of wind.
13. The city's infrastructure was in a shambles, needing repairs.
14. The theater stage was in a shambles before the performance.
15. The antique store was a charming shambles of vintage items.
16. The kitchen was left in a shambles after a failed cooking experiment.
17. The picnic area was in a shambles after a careless group's visit.
18. The artwork was in a shambles due to transportation mishaps.
19. The classroom was in a shambles after an enthusiastic science experiment.



chaos, order, organization, tidiness


Trials and Tribulations, Chaos and Disorder, Chaos and Disorder, Decline and Disintegrate, Chaos and Confusion

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