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How to pronounce bedlam (audio)

Dictionary definition of bedlam

A state of uproar, chaos, and utter confusion, often characterized by noisy and disorderly behavior.
"There was bedlam in the courtroom when the judge delivered his verdict."

Detailed meaning of bedlam

It signifies a situation or place where there is a complete lack of order, restraint, or sanity, and where the atmosphere is filled with tumult and disorder. The term "bedlam" originally referred to Bethlehem Royal Hospital in London, which was known for housing and treating individuals with mental illnesses in the 16th century. Over time, the word "bedlam" came to symbolize any situation or environment marked by extreme disorder and pandemonium. "Bedlam" underscores the idea of a chaotic and frenzied state, often suggesting a sense of overwhelming confusion or mayhem.

Example sentences of bedlam

1. There was bedlam in the streets as drunken football fans went on the rampage.
2. It was utter bedlam as thousands of fans left the stadium at the end of the concert.
3. Utter bedlam ensued when a hornet buzzed into the classroom.
4. There was bedlam at the football ground when the home team won on penalties.
5. The classroom erupted into bedlam when the teacher left for a few moments.
6. The concert turned into bedlam as the fans rushed the stage.

History and etymology of bedlam

The noun 'bedlam' has its origins in the name of a famous psychiatric hospital in London, known as Bethlem Royal Hospital, which was established in the 13th century. Over time, the hospital became colloquially referred to as 'Bedlam.' It gained notoriety for its harsh and inhumane treatment of patients, and the term 'bedlam' came to symbolize a state of uproar, chaos, and utter confusion. The hospital's reputation for disorderly and tumultuous conditions contributed to the association between 'bedlam' and chaotic situations or unruly behavior. Today, 'bedlam' is used metaphorically to describe any situation marked by noisy and disorderly conduct, often signifying a complete lack of control or organization.

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Further usage examples of bedlam

1. The classroom was in bedlam as the students whispered and giggled during the lesson.
2. The party turned into bedlam as more and more people arrived and the noise level rose.
3. The city was in bedlam as the protests turned violent.
4. The office was in bedlam as the deadline approached and everyone rushed to finish their work.
5. The stadium was in bedlam as the home team scored the winning goal.
6. The hospital was in bedlam as the staff rushed to treat the influx of patients.
7. The convention center was in bedlam as people rushed to see the popular celebrity.
8. The store was in bedlam as the sale attracted hordes of shoppers.
9. The airport was in bedlam as the flight delays caused chaos among the travelers.
10. The restaurant was in bedlam as the kitchen struggled to keep up with the orders.
11. The school was in bedlam as the students rushed to leave for the holiday break.
12. The party turned into absolute bedlam when the music started.
13. In the midst of the protest, there was sheer bedlam on the streets.
14. Trying to organize the event felt like herding cats, pure bedlam.
15. The unexpected announcement caused a sudden bedlam in the room.
16. As the fireworks lit up the sky, bedlam erupted in the crowd.
17. The children's birthday party descended into joyful bedlam.
18. The marketplace on a busy day can be a scene of utter bedlam.
19. When the fire alarm went off, the office turned into bedlam.
20. The arrival of the celebrity caused bedlam among the fans.
21. During rush hour, the subway station is a symphony of bedlam.
22. The final moments of the championship game were bedlam in the stadium.
23. The classroom was in a state of bedlam before the teacher arrived.
24. The news of the snow day led to bedlam among the students.


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