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How to pronounce shooter (audio)


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Dictionary definition of shooter

A person who engages in the act of shooting, particularly with a firearm.
"The police quickly responded to reports of an active shooter and worked to protect the public."

Detailed meaning of shooter

It can describe someone who is skilled or experienced in handling and using guns for various purposes, such as target practice, sport, or self-defense. In a broader sense, "shooter" can also refer to individuals involved in shooting competitions or military training exercises. However, it is important to note that the term can also be used to describe someone who carries out an act of violence by firing a weapon, often associated with criminal or harmful intent. Context is crucial in understanding the specific connotations and implications of the term "shooter," as it can refer to someone involved in legal and recreational shooting activities or someone engaged in illegal and dangerous acts involving firearms.

Example sentences containing shooter

1. The experienced shooter hit the bullseye with precision and accuracy.
2. The Olympic shooter trained for years to compete at the highest level.
3. The police officer apprehended the shooter and disarmed him.
4. The video game allowed players to take on the role of a skilled shooter in intense battles.
5. The shooter at the concert caused panic and chaos among the crowd.
6. The sniper was known as an exceptional shooter, capable of hitting targets from great distances.

History and etymology of shooter

The noun 'shooter,' when referring to a person who engages in the act of shooting, particularly with a firearm, has an etymology rooted in the English language. It derives from the Middle English word 'shotere,' which appeared around the 14th century. The term 'shotere' itself is an agent noun formed from the verb 'shote,' an earlier version of 'shoot.' The verb 'shoot' has Old English origins, tracing its roots back to the word 'sceotan,' which meant to project or propel a missile, arrow, or projectile. Over time, 'shooter' evolved to describe individuals skilled in the use of firearms, reflecting the historical development of weaponry and the emergence of marksmanship as a distinct skill.

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Further usage examples of shooter

1. The shooting range provided a safe environment for shooters to practice their skills.
2. The school implemented stricter security measures after a shooter entered the premises.
3. The competitive shooter won multiple championships and earned a reputation as a sharpshooter.
4. The military trained its soldiers to be proficient shooters in combat situations.
5. The shooter took aim and fired, sending the bullet flying towards the target.
6. The skilled shooter hit the target dead center with his rifle.
7. The police apprehended the shooter after a high-speed chase.
8. The Olympic shooter displayed incredible precision in every shot.
9. The shooter's aim was impeccable, striking fear into his enemies.
10. A professional shooter needs steady hands and keen focus.
11. The experienced shooter taught his son the art of marksmanship.
12. The lone shooter left a trail of chaos in the crowded mall.
13. The shooter's accuracy in the competition earned him a gold medal.
14. The sniper waited patiently for the perfect shot opportunity.
15. The shooter's rifle was custom-built for maximum accuracy.
16. The undercover agent posed as a shooter to infiltrate the gang.
17. The shooter's training included both firearms and archery.
18. The shooter's rifle was loaded with high-powered ammunition.
19. The shooter aimed for the bullseye in the archery competition.
20. The shooter's reputation as a sharpshooter was well-deserved.
21. The shooter's nerves of steel made him an elite marksman.
22. The shooter's shot echoed through the silent forest.
23. The shooter's quick reflexes saved lives in the hostage situation.
24. The cowboy shooter participated in Old West reenactments.
25. The shooter's precision was unmatched on the shooting range.



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