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How to pronounce solace (audio)


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Dictionary definition of solace

A source of comfort, relief, or consolation that alleviates emotional pain, distress, or sorrow.
"After losing his job, he found solace in reading books and spending time in nature."

Detailed meaning of solace

It is the soothing and calming effect that eases one's troubles or brings peace during difficult or challenging times. Solace can take various forms, such as the support and understanding offered by a friend in a time of need, the beauty of nature that provides a sense of serenity, or the act of engaging in a favorite hobby or activity that offers a respite from life's stresses. It is an essential aspect of human experience, providing emotional and mental sustenance, helping individuals cope with loss, adversity, or hardship, and ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and resilience.

Example sentences containing solace

1. Music has always been my solace during difficult times.
2. In nature, I find solace and peace for my troubled mind.
3. A good book can provide solace on a rainy day.
4. A heartfelt hug can offer solace in times of grief.
5. Prayer often provides solace and strength in adversity.
6. Friendship is a constant source of solace and support.

History and etymology of solace

The noun 'solace' has its origins in Latin, where it was spelled as 'solatium.' This Latin term was derived from 'solari,' which means 'to comfort' or 'to console.' In essence, 'solace' is rooted in the idea of providing comfort and relief in times of emotional pain, distress, or sorrow. As the word made its way into English, it retained this core meaning, describing a source of comfort or consolation that alleviates suffering or emotional distress. 'Solace' embodies the idea of finding solace or solace in something that eases one's troubles and provides a sense of relief. The etymology of 'solace' underscores its historical association with comfort and the soothing of emotional burdens.

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Further usage examples of solace

1. The beauty of art brings solace to my soul.
2. Kind words can offer solace to a wounded heart.
3. A warm cup of tea is a simple solace on a cold night.
4. The laughter of children is a source of solace and joy.
5. In solitude, I find solace and time for introspection.
6. A pet's unconditional love provides solace in loneliness.
7. Memories of happier times can bring solace in sorrow.
8. The ocean's vastness offers solace and perspective.
9. A gentle breeze can be a soothing solace on a hot day.
10. Poetry often provides solace through its words of wisdom.
11. Acts of kindness can be a solace in a world of chaos.
12. Nature's beauty offers solace to the weary traveler.
13. A shoulder to cry on is a priceless solace in times of need.
14. Finding purpose can bring solace and fulfillment in life.
15. She sought solace in her faith after her husband passed away.
16. He found solace in his art, using it as a way to express his emotions and cope with his struggles.
17. She turned to her friends for solace and support after her breakup.
18. He found solace in playing music, using it as an escape from the stress of daily life.
19. She found solace in volunteering, using her time and energy to help others and forget her own problems.
20. He took a long walk in the park to find solace and clear his mind.
21. She found solace in her journal, using it as a place to reflect on her thoughts and feelings.
22. He found solace in his memories of better times, using them as a source of comfort during difficult moments.
23. She found solace in her gardening, using the time outside to connect with nature and relax.
24. He found solace in his hobbies, using them as a way to take his mind off his worries.
25. She found solace in her meditation practice, using it as a way to calm her mind and reduce stress.



comfort, distress, agitation, discomfort


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