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How to pronounce succor (audio)

Dictionary definition of succor

Assistance, aid, or support that is given in times of difficulty or distress.
"The Red Cross offered succor to the victims of the flood."

Detailed meaning of succor

It can be provided in various forms, such as physical help, emotional comfort, or spiritual guidance. The word "succor" is often associated with providing relief during times of great suffering or adversity, such as during a natural disaster, war, or illness. The act of providing succor can be seen as an expression of compassion and empathy towards those who are in need of help. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or a stranger, offering succor can make a significant difference in someone's life and help them to overcome their challenges.

Example sentences containing succor

1. The survivors of the earthquake were in desperate need of succor.
2. The local church provided succor to those affected by the hurricane.
3. Her words of encouragement were a great succor to me during my difficult time.
4. The organization's mission is to provide succor to the homeless population.
5. The soldiers were grateful for the succor provided by their fellow comrades in arms.
6. The therapist's role is to offer succor to those struggling with mental health issues.

History and etymology of succor

The noun 'succor' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It comes from the Old French word 'socor,' which means 'aid' or 'relief.' This term can be traced back to the Latin word 'succurrere,' which consists of 'sub,' meaning 'under' or 'from below,' and 'currere,' meaning 'to run.' In its original sense, 'succor' depicted the idea of running to someone's aid or rushing to provide assistance, especially in times of difficulty or distress. Over time, the term evolved into 'succor' in English, retaining its fundamental sense of offering help, support, or relief to those in need. Therefore, the etymology of 'succor' emphasizes its historical connection to the swift and compassionate act of providing aid and assistance to those facing adversity or hardship.

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Further usage examples of succor

1. The community rallied together to provide succor to the family who lost their home in a fire.
2. The hospital staff provided succor to the patients who were recovering from surgery.
3. The charity's aim is to provide succor to those affected by poverty.
4. The kindness of strangers offered a great succor to the traveler who was lost in a foreign country.
5. The government's duty is to provide succor to its citizens during times of crisis.
6. In times of crisis, the community provided succor to those in need.
7. The charity's mission is to offer succor to the homeless population.
8. Her comforting words were a source of succor to the grieving family.
9. The rescue team arrived as a beacon of succor to the stranded hikers.
10. During the hurricane, the Red Cross provided succor to the displaced.
11. The nurse's gentle care served as a symbol of succor to the sick.
12. Friends offered their succor to help him through a tough breakup.
13. The shelter provided succor and shelter to those fleeing domestic violence.
14. His presence was a source of succor to the frightened children.
15. The food bank offers succor to families facing food insecurity.
16. The nonprofit organization's mission is to extend succor to refugees.
17. In times of financial hardship, government assistance can be a vital succor.
18. The therapy dog offered emotional succor to the elderly residents.
19. The support group offers succor and understanding to cancer patients.
20. The volunteer firefighters provide essential succor to the community.
21. During the pandemic, neighbors offered succor by running errands for the vulnerable.
22. Her friendship has been a constant source of succor in my life.
23. The veteran's organization offers succor and resources to former servicemen.
24. The humanitarian aid workers bring succor to disaster-stricken regions.
25. The presence of loved ones is often the greatest succor in times of sorrow.



aid, hinder, obstruct, abandon


Suffix -or, Aid and Assistance, Companionship and Support, Intrigue and Advocacy

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