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How to pronounce solicit (audio)

Dictionary definition of solicit

To actively seek out or request something from someone, usually in a formal or intentional manner.
"The salesman would solicit potential customers at the mall."

Detailed meaning of solicit

It can also refer to the act of making an offer or proposal. For example, a person might solicit a donation for a charity, or solicit a business proposal from a company. In a legal context, soliciting is the act of encouraging, requesting, or inciting another person to commit a crime or illegal activity. It is considered as a criminal offense, and it can be punishable by law.

Solicitation can be done verbally, in writing, or through digital means, it can be done in a direct or indirect way, and it can be done to one person or to many. It is often associated with sales, marketing, fundraising, and job application.

It is also associated with criminal activities, such as prostitution and fraud.

Example sentences containing solicit

1. They would solicit donations for the local charity organization.
2. The politician tried to solicit support from the constituents during the campaign.
3. The fundraiser event aimed to solicit contributions for the community center.
4. The company would solicit feedback from customers to improve their products.
5. The nonprofit organization would solicit volunteers to help with their initiatives.
6. He would solicit advice from his mentor before making important decisions.

History and etymology of solicit

The verb 'solicit' has its etymological origins in Latin, particularly from the word 'solicitare,' which is a combination of 'solus,' meaning 'alone,' and 'citare,' meaning 'to move' or 'to set in motion.' This Latin term conveyed the idea of inciting or arousing, often in a persistent or enthusiastic manner. In English, 'solicit' entered the language in the 15th century and retained its sense of actively seeking out or requesting something from someone, typically in a formal or intentional manner. The etymology of 'solicit' reflects its historical connection to the act of arousing or inciting a response, conveying the notion of deliberate and persistent efforts to obtain a desired response or favor.

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Further usage examples of solicit

1. The lawyer would solicit witness statements to strengthen the case.
2. The telemarketer would solicit customers over the phone.
3. The artist would solicit commissions for custom artwork.
4. The club would solicit membership applications from interested individuals.
5. The survey was designed to solicit opinions on the new city park project.
6. The organization would solicit sponsorships for their annual gala event.
7. The hotel would solicit reservations for the upcoming holiday season.
8. The university would solicit applications from prospective students.
9. The website would solicit user reviews to build credibility.
10. The startup would solicit investments from venture capitalists.
11. The restaurant would solicit feedback from diners to improve their dining experience.
12. The magazine would solicit article submissions from aspiring writers.
13. The consultant would solicit client feedback to assess their satisfaction.
14. She will solicit donations for the charity fundraiser.
15. The sales team will solicit new clients this quarter.
16. They often solicit feedback to improve their products.
17. The politician will solicit votes during the campaign.
18. The nonprofit organization solicits volunteers regularly.
19. He'll solicit advice from experts to solve the problem.
20. They solicit bids from contractors for the construction project.
21. The university actively solicits scholarship applications.
22. She doesn't hesitate to solicit help when needed.
23. The startup plans to solicit investors for funding.
24. The company will solicit customer opinions for market research.



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