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How to pronounce solicitous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of solicitous

Attentive, caring, and concerned about the needs and well-being of others.
"The solicitous nurse checked on her patient every hour."

Detailed meaning of solicitous

It can also indicate a state of eagerness or anxiety to do something. A solicitous person is characterized by their readiness to help, and they are often described as showing great care and attention to detail in their interactions with others. The term can be applied to a range of situations, such as in relationships, where a partner may be solicitous of their significant other's feelings, or in the workplace, where a manager may be solicitous of their employees' well-being.

Example sentences containing solicitous

1. He was solicitous of his guests' needs, making sure everyone was comfortable.
2. She was solicitous about her friend's well-being after her surgery.
3. The solicitous teacher was always willing to offer extra help to her struggling students.
4. He was solicitous of his girlfriend's feelings, always making sure to listen to her.
5. The solicitous hostess made sure her guests had enough to eat and drink.
6. She was solicitous about her dog's health and took him to the vet regularly.

History and etymology of solicitous

The adjective 'solicitous' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'sollicitus,' which means 'anxious' or 'concerned.' This term is formed from 'solus,' meaning 'alone' or 'only,' and 'citus,' the past participle of 'ciere,' which means 'to move' or 'to stir up.' Therefore, the etymology of 'solicitous' reveals its essence as being attentive, caring, and concerned about the needs and well-being of others. It conveys the idea of being stirred or moved by genuine care and anxiety for the welfare of those one is attending to, as reflected in its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of solicitous

1. The solicitous father always made sure his children wore their seatbelts in the car.
2. He was solicitous of his reputation and avoided anything that could tarnish it.
3. The solicitous boss checked in with his employees to make sure they weren't overworked.
4. She was solicitous of her parents' needs as they aged and needed more assistance.
5. The solicitous neighbor offered to watch the children while the parents went out for the evening.
6. She was always solicitous, offering a helping hand to those in need.
7. The solicitous waiter provided impeccable service, anticipating every need.
8. His solicitous care for his elderly parents was both heartwarming and inspiring.
9. In her role as a nurse, she was incredibly solicitous of her patients' comfort and well-being.
10. A solicitous attitude is a cornerstone of strong and nurturing relationships.
11. The solicitous greeting from the host made guests feel genuinely welcome.
12. The manager's solicitous concern for the team's morale boosted productivity.
13. He was solicitous about his neighbor's safety, especially during extreme weather.
14. A solicitous friend is a precious companion during challenging times.
15. The teacher's solicitous approach helped struggling students overcome obstacles.
16. Parents are naturally solicitous of their children's happiness and success.
17. His solicitous inquiries into her welfare showed his deep caring.
18. The therapist's solicitous and empathetic manner put clients at ease.
19. Their solicitous gestures of support touched the hearts of everyone they helped.
20. The solicitous guidance counselor provided invaluable assistance to troubled students.
21. A solicitous mentor can make a profound impact on a person's life.
22. Being solicitous of the environment is essential for preserving our planet.
23. The solicitous coach nurtured the talents and confidence of young athletes.
24. A solicitous attitude towards coworkers fosters a positive and collaborative work environment.
25. Embracing a solicitous mindset can contribute to a kinder and more caring world.



caring, indifferent, neglectful, unconcerned


Help and Support, Wisdom and Understanding, Empathy and Compassion

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