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How to pronounce vigilant (audio)

Dictionary definition of vigilant

Paying watchful attention for possible danger or opportunity.
"The vigilant team of firefighters were able to quickly contain the blaze."

Detailed meaning of vigilant

It can describe someone who is constantly on the lookout for potential threats or problems, and who is careful to remain aware of their surroundings. Vigilant can also refer to something that is carefully watched or guarded in order to prevent problems or dangers. The term is often used to describe someone who is careful and attentive in order to avoid dangers or problems, or to describe something that is carefully monitored or guarded for the same reason.

Example sentences containing vigilant

1. The police warned the public to be vigilant and report anything suspicious immediately.
2. The kitten was found hidden in the undergrowth by a vigilant neighbour.
3. The vandal was accosted by a group of vigilant neighbours.
4. The cat was ever-vigilant for threats to her newborn kittens.
5. The patrolling soldiers needed to remain vigilant at all times.
6. They had to be vigilent in those warm summer evenings against a swarm of pesty mosquitos.

History and etymology of vigilant

The adjective 'vigilant' has its roots in the Latin word 'vigilans,' which is derived from 'vigilare,' meaning 'to watch' or 'to stay awake.' In its Latin form, 'vigilans' described someone who was watchful, alert, and attentive, often staying awake during the night to keep guard or be on the lookout for potential dangers. The term later entered the English language as 'vigilant,' retaining its original sense of being watchful and alert, particularly in the context of paying close attention to potential threats or opportunities. The etymology of 'vigilant' thus emphasizes the idea of staying awake and watchful, ready to respond to any circumstances that may arise, whether they involve danger or a chance for action.

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Further usage examples of vigilant

1. She was a vigilant security guard, always on the lookout for potential threats.
2. He was a vigilant parent, always careful to keep his children safe.
3. The vigilant police officers were able to quickly detect and respond to the crime.
4. She was a vigilant neighbor, always alert to any suspicious activity in the area.
5. He was a vigilant driver, always paying attention to the road and other vehicles.
6. She was a vigilant employee, always careful to follow safety protocols.
7. He was a vigilant watchdog, always alert to any potential dangers.
8. The vigilant security system was able to detect and prevent the break-in.
9. She was a vigilant teacher, always attentive to the needs of her students.
10. The Department of Defense remain vigilant to threats against homeland security.
11. He was a vigilant manager, always on the lookout for potential problems or issues.
12. The vigilant team of lifeguards were able to quickly rescue the swimmers in distress.
13. The security guard remained vigilant throughout the night shift.
14. Being vigilant while driving can prevent accidents.
15. Parents need to be vigilant about their children's safety.
16. The detective was vigilant in tracking down the suspect.
17. A vigilant attitude is essential in safeguarding our environment.
18. In a competitive market, businesses must stay vigilant.
19. Soldiers must be vigilant during times of conflict.
20. Vigilant citizens reported the suspicious activity to the police.
21. It's wise to stay vigilant against online scams and fraud.
22. The lifeguard remained vigilant by the poolside.
23. Vigilant consumers carefully check product labels.
24. A vigilant approach to cybersecurity is crucial in the digital age.



watchful, negligent, inattentive, heedless


Suffix -ant, Insight and Intrigue, Middle School 11, Discipline and Resolve

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