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How to pronounce solidarity (audio)

Dictionary definition of solidarity

The unity and support shown by a group of people towards a common cause or goal.
"The community came together in solidarity to help those affected by the disaster."

Detailed meaning of solidarity

It is the state of being united and working together towards a common purpose. It is a sense of shared interest, responsibility and commitment to the welfare of others. Solidarity can take many forms, including collective action, mutual aid, and shared sacrifice. It is often associated with social movements, labor unions, and political campaigns, where people come together to achieve a common goal. The term is also used in the context of social justice and human rights, where solidarity is seen as essential in the fight against oppression, discrimination, and inequality. It is also used in the context of international relations and global issues, where countries come together in solidarity to address global problems such as poverty, climate change and human rights abuses. In general, solidarity is a powerful force for social change, and it is often seen as a key component of a just and equitable society.

Example sentences containing solidarity

1. In times of crisis, people often come together in a spirit of solidarity to support one another.
2. The community showed remarkable solidarity by volunteering to rebuild after the disaster.
3. The global response to the humanitarian crisis demonstrated the power of international solidarity.
4. The union members stood in unwavering solidarity during the labor strike.
5. Their shared experiences fostered a deep sense of solidarity among the survivors.
6. The environmental movement thrives on the principle of solidarity for a sustainable future.

History and etymology of solidarity

The noun 'solidarity' finds its origins in the Latin word 'solidarius,' which means 'related by blood' or 'having obligations to one another.' Over time, its meaning evolved to encompass a broader sense of unity and support among individuals or groups who share a common cause or goal. 'Solidarity' refers to the deep sense of unity, empathy, and support shown by a collective towards a shared purpose or principle. It signifies the strength that arises from people coming together in mutual support, often in pursuit of social, political, or humanitarian causes. The etymology of 'solidarity' reflects the idea that individuals or groups are bound together by a sense of shared responsibility and a commitment to working together for the greater good.

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Further usage examples of solidarity

1. Solidarity among teammates is essential for success on the field.
2. The organization's mission is to promote solidarity among diverse communities.
3. The outpouring of support from around the world exemplified global solidarity.
4. Solidarity can overcome even the most formidable challenges.
5. Solidarity rallies were held to advocate for social justice and equality.
6. In times of adversity, it's inspiring to witness acts of solidarity.
7. The spirit of solidarity was palpable at the protest for human rights.
8. Solidarity among coworkers fosters a positive and productive work environment.
9. The foundation's goal is to promote solidarity and cooperation between nations.
10. Solidarity with marginalized communities is an important aspect of advocacy.
11. The power of solidarity empowers individuals to effect positive change.
12. Solidarity is the bedrock upon which strong communities are built.
13. A sense of solidarity binds our group together in our common pursuit.
14. Solidarity among friends helps weather life's ups and downs.
15. The organization's values center around unity and solidarity.
16. Solidarity among students can lead to educational success.
17. The athletes' display of solidarity showcased their commitment to fairness.
18. Solidarity is the force that unites people in pursuit of justice.
19. Together, we can achieve great things through solidarity and cooperation.



unity, division, discord, disunity


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