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How to pronounce cohesion (audio)

Dictionary definition of cohesion

The state of being united, connected, or closely bound together, whether in a physical, social, or conceptual sense.
"Social cohesion is essential for maintaining a stable and harmonious society."

Detailed meaning of cohesion

Cohesion implies a strong sense of unity, cooperation, or agreement among individuals, elements, or components within a group, system, or entity. It is a fundamental concept in various contexts, such as teamwork, social bonds, material properties, or the logical organization of ideas in writing. Cohesion fosters a sense of togetherness, collaboration, or harmony, contributing to the strength and effectiveness of the collective or system in question. Whether it's the cohesion among members of a close-knit family, the cohesive structure of a well-organized essay, or the cohesive properties of a solid material, the term emphasizes the importance of interconnectedness and unity for achieving common goals or maintaining stability.

Example sentences of cohesion

1. The team's cohesion was evident in their seamless collaboration.
2. The cohesion among the members of the group contributed to their overall success.
3. The organization's cohesion played a significant role in achieving their objectives.
4. The cohesion within the community strengthened their collective voice.
5. The project's cohesion was crucial for its smooth execution.
6. The cohesion among the players created a strong team dynamic.

History and etymology of cohesion

The noun 'cohesion' is derived from the Latin word 'cohaesio,' which is a combination of 'co-' meaning 'together' and 'haerere' meaning 'to stick' or 'to adhere.' This etymology aptly captures the essence of 'cohesion,' which refers to the state of being united, connected, or closely bound together. Whether in a physical, social, or conceptual sense, cohesion implies a strong bond that holds individuals, elements, or ideas together as a unified whole. The concept of cohesion underscores the idea of things sticking together, either literally or figuratively, and is integral to understanding the forces that bind various elements into a harmonious and cooperative whole.

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Further usage examples of cohesion

1. The cohesion of the department fostered a positive work environment.
2. The team-building activities aimed to enhance cohesion and collaboration.
3. The family's cohesion was evident during difficult times.
4. The choir's performance displayed exceptional cohesion and harmony.
5. The cohesion of the puzzle pieces allowed for a complete picture.
6. The cohesion of ideas in the presentation captivated the audience.
7. The group's cohesion was instrumental in achieving their shared goals.
8. The organization's success relied on the cohesion among its various departments.
9. The cohesion within the classroom facilitated effective learning.
10. The research emphasized the importance of cohesion in social groups.
11. The political party's cohesion ensured a unified approach to policymaking.
12. The team's cohesion strengthened their resilience in the face of challenges.
13. The project's cohesion resulted in a seamless transition between phases.
14. The community's cohesion promoted a sense of belonging and support.



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