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Definition of 'single'

Existing as one individual unit, separate or distinct from others.
"He preferred to travel alone and explore new destinations as a single adventurer."

Detailed Meaning of 'single'

It describes a state of being solitary, alone, or unaccompanied. When used to describe a person, it typically means that the individual is not in a romantic relationship or is not married. In the context of objects or entities, "single" denotes a singular or individual instance, as opposed to being part of a set or group. It conveys the absence of duplication or multiplicity. The term "single" can also be used to describe a particular type of music recording that contains only one track or song. Overall, "single" signifies the quality of uniqueness, solitude, or individuality, emphasizing the presence of a solitary entity or the absence of additional elements.


Examples of 'single' in a Sentence

1. She enjoyed the freedom of living a single life, without the responsibilities of a romantic partner.
2. The single rose on the table added a touch of elegance to the room.
3. The single ticket allowed entry to the concert for one person only.
4. The artist released a new single that quickly climbed the music charts.
5. She found solace in her single status and focused on personal growth.
6. The single serving of dessert was just enough to satisfy her sweet tooth.

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Origins & Etymology of 'single'

The adjective 'single' has its origins in the Latin word 'singulus,' which means 'one,' 'individual,' or 'separate.' This Latin term was derived from 'sem-' (meaning 'one') and 'gulus' (a suffix denoting smallness). As Latin evolved into Old French and eventually Middle English, 'single' retained its fundamental meaning of existing as one individual unit, separate or distinct from others. The etymology of 'single' underscores its innate connection to the concept of singularity and individuality, highlighting its role in describing something that is not combined or plural but rather exists as a solitary entity.


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