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How to pronounce soluble (audio)


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Dictionary definition of soluble

Having the ability to dissolve or be dissolved in a particular solvent, such as a liquid.
"The vitamin tablets are made with a soluble coating for easier digestion."


Detailed meaning of soluble

When applied to a material, compound, or substance, it signifies that it has the capacity to mix uniformly with a liquid, resulting in a homogeneous solution. For example, sugar is highly soluble in water, as it readily dissolves when mixed into the liquid, forming a sugar solution. "Soluble" conveys a sense of compatibility and the potential for effective blending or dissolution, suggesting that the substance can be incorporated into a liquid medium without leaving solid residues. This term is widely used in chemistry and various industries where the process of dissolving substances in solvents is essential for various applications, from pharmaceuticals to food preparation.

Example sentences containing soluble

1. Sugar is highly soluble in water, creating a sweet solution.
2. The medication is available in both soluble and tablet forms.
3. Salt is a soluble substance that dissolves easily in liquid.
4. Some vitamins are fat-soluble and require dietary fat for absorption.
5. The soluble coffee granules dissolved quickly in hot water.
6. Baking soda is soluble in vinegar, producing a fizzing reaction.

History and etymology of soluble

The adjective 'soluble' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'solubilis,' which means 'capable of being dissolved.' 'Solubilis' is formed from 'solvere,' which means 'to loosen' or 'to release.' Therefore, 'soluble' etymologically conveys the capacity of a substance to loosen or release its particles when placed in a particular solvent, allowing it to dissolve. This term is commonly used in chemistry to describe the property of a material or solute to mix and disperse evenly in a liquid or another solvent. The etymology of 'soluble' underscores the concept of substances breaking down and dispersing when mixed with the appropriate medium, highlighting their ability to dissolve and form a homogeneous mixture.

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Further usage examples of soluble

1. The ink in the pen is water-soluble, making it easy to wash off.
2. The scientist discovered a new, highly soluble compound.
3. This dye is not very soluble in organic solvents.
4. Heat can increase the solubility of many substances.
5. The soluble fiber in oats can help lower cholesterol levels.
6. The drug is formulated as a soluble powder for quick absorption.
7. Carbon dioxide is soluble in water, forming carbonic acid.
8. The soluble powder dissolved instantly in the milk.
9. Oil and water are immiscible because they are not soluble in each other.
10. The chemist studied the solubility of various compounds.
11. Stirring can help increase the solubility of a solid in a liquid.
12. The tablets are designed to be easily soluble in the stomach.
13. Lemon juice contains soluble vitamin C, which boosts immunity.
14. The soluble aspirin provides rapid relief from pain.
15. The sugar cubes are soluble in water, making it a quick way to sweeten your tea.
16. This medication is only soluble in hot water, so be sure to dissolve it properly.
17. Salt is highly soluble in water, making it a useful ingredient in cooking and preserving food.
18. The chemist tested the solubility of the compound in different solvents.
19. This fabric dye is only soluble in alcohol-based solvents, not water.
20. The ink in this pen is not soluble in water, so it's waterproof.
21. The fertilizer is formulated to be easily soluble in soil, providing nutrients to plants.
22. The chalk in this chalkboard is not soluble, so it won't smear or rub off easily.
23. The pharmaceutical company developed a new drug with improved solubility, resulting in better efficacy.
24. The scientist observed the solubility of various minerals in different acidic solutions.
25. The recipe calls for a soluble cocoa powder, ensuring it will mix smoothly with the other ingredients.



dissolvable, insoluble, undissolvable, impervious


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