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origin, end, result, consequence


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How to pronounce source (audio)


Dictionary definition of source

The origin or starting point of something, whether it be information, energy, or a supply.
"The teacher encouraged the students to cite credible sources in their research papers."

Detailed meaning of source

It is the place, person, or thing from which something comes, is derived, or arises. In the context of information, a source can be a person, document, or publication that provides knowledge or data. It is essential to identify reliable sources to ensure the accuracy and credibility of information. In the realm of energy, a source refers to the primary or original location or form from which energy is harnessed or generated, such as a power plant or natural resource. Similarly, in terms of supply, a source is the point of origin or the provider of goods, products, or materials. Whether it is tracing the roots of knowledge, understanding the origins of energy, or tracking the origin of a supply chain, the concept of a source holds significance in determining the authenticity, reliability, and foundation of various elements in our world.

Example sentences containing source

1. The journalist diligently investigated multiple sources to gather accurate information for the article.
2. The scientist conducted extensive research to identify the source of the mysterious disease outbreak.
3. The detective followed every lead to uncover the source of the stolen artifacts.
4. The library is an excellent source of knowledge and information for students.
5. Renewable energy is becoming an increasingly popular source of power worldwide.
6. The company had to find an alternative source for raw materials when their supplier went out of business.

History and etymology of source

The noun 'source' has its etymological roots in Middle English, derived from the Old French word 'sourse' and the Latin word 'sors' or 'sorsa,' which meant 'a spring of water' or 'fountain.' This original meaning of a physical water source eventually broadened to refer to the origin or starting point of various things, whether it be information, energy, or a supply. The term 'source' thus came to symbolize the point from which something flows or originates, embodying the idea of a foundational and essential beginning. The etymology of 'source' underscores the fluidity of language, as it transitioned from describing natural water springs to becoming a versatile word applicable to a wide range of contexts where the origin or starting point is crucial.

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Further usage examples of source

1. The hiker replenished her water bottle from a natural spring, a reliable source of fresh water.
2. The musician drew inspiration from various sources, including nature, emotions, and personal experiences.
3. The historian relied on primary sources, such as diaries and letters, to reconstruct the events of the past.
4. The chef carefully selected the finest ingredients from trusted sources for the gourmet meal.
5. The news anchor attributed the breaking news story to an anonymous source within the government.
6. The source of the river was a hidden spring deep in the forest.
7. Renewable energy is a vital source of power for our future.
8. I need to find the source of that mysterious noise in the attic.
9. Her impeccable research skills made her a trusted source of information.
10. The source code for the software is available on GitHub.
11. The source of the problem turned out to be a faulty circuit.
12. Ancient manuscripts are a rich source of historical knowledge.
13. He traced the source of the foul odor to a clogged drain.
14. The sun is the primary source of light and heat for our planet.
15. The interviewee refused to reveal the confidential source.
16. We need to diversify our supplier sources for better stability.
17. The source of his inspiration for the painting was a dream.
18. A healthy diet is a source of nourishment for the body.
19. The source of the leak was a crack in the water pipe.
20. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C.
21. She quoted a reliable source in her research paper.
22. The star's energy source is nuclear fusion in its core.
23. The source of the rumor remained anonymous.
24. Access to clean water is a fundamental source of well-being.
25. The ancient library was a treasure trove of knowledge, a source of enlightenment.

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