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How to pronounce spellbound (audio)

Dictionary definition of spellbound

Captivated, entranced, or deeply engrossed by something or someone.
"The magician's tricks left the audience spellbound and in awe."

Detailed meaning of spellbound

When someone is spellbound, they are completely absorbed or enchanted by a particular experience, performance, story, or individual. It implies a sense of fascination and awe, as if under the influence of a magical or hypnotic spell. In this state, one is temporarily transported into a different world, their attention fixated and their emotions stirred. It can be caused by various factors such as an enthralling book, a mesmerizing performance, a captivating speaker, or a breathtaking sight. Being spellbound often involves a suspension of reality and a heightened sense of wonder, leaving the person in a state of suspended disbelief. The adjective "spellbound" signifies a profound and immersive experience that holds one's attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Example sentences containing spellbound

1. The children sat spellbound as the storyteller spun a tale of adventure and magic.
2. The breathtaking sunset over the horizon left everyone spellbound.
3. The mesmerizing dance performance held the audience spellbound from start to finish.
4. The intricate artwork on display at the museum left visitors spellbound.
5. She was spellbound by the beautiful melody played by the pianist.
6. The suspenseful thriller novel had readers spellbound until the very last page.

History and etymology of spellbound

The adjective 'spellbound' finds its linguistic origins in the combination of two words: 'spell' and 'bound.' 'Spell' comes from the Old English word 'spelian,' meaning to tell or speak. In folklore and magic, a spell is a spoken incantation believed to have the power to enchant or bewitch. 'Bound' in this context means being bound or tied to something, often in the sense of being captivated or entranced. When 'spell' and 'bound' are brought together, 'spellbound' describes the state of being captivated, entranced, or deeply engrossed by something or someone, as if under the influence of a magical spell. It conveys a sense of being utterly absorbed or enchanted by a particular experience or presence, much like the enchantment one might associate with a mystical incantation.

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Further usage examples of spellbound

1. The star-studded night sky in the countryside left him spellbound.
2. The spellbound crowd erupted in applause after the mesmerizing acrobatics display.
3. The hauntingly beautiful voice of the singer left the audience spellbound.
4. The spectacular fireworks show had everyone spellbound, gazing at the colorful bursts in the sky.
5. The spellbound child watched in wonder as the magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
6. The awe-inspiring natural wonders of the national park left visitors spellbound.
7. The spellbound students listened intently as the professor delivered a captivating lecture.
8. The spellbound couple shared a romantic dance under the starry night sky.
9. The enchanting ballet performance had the audience spellbound by the grace and elegance of the dancers.
10. The spellbound spectators held their breath as the tightrope walker gracefully crossed the high wire.
11. The spellbound theatergoers were moved to tears by the heartfelt performance of the actors.
12. The spellbound travelers marveled at the ancient ruins, awestruck by the history before them.
13. The spellbound crowd cheered and clapped as the illusionist performed a mind-bending trick.
14. The mesmerizing dance left the audience spellbound.
15. She was spellbound by the enchanting fairy tale.
16. His storytelling had everyone spellbound in awe.
17. The magic show had children and adults spellbound.
18. The movie's plot kept me spellbound throughout.
19. The beautiful artwork left visitors spellbound.
20. The singer's voice left the crowd spellbound.
21. The novel's gripping twists had readers spellbound.
22. The charismatic speaker had the audience spellbound.
23. The breathtaking sunset left us all spellbound.
24. The magician's tricks left everyone spellbound with wonder.



mesmerized, uninterested, bored, detached

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