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How to pronounce spite (audio)


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Dictionary definition of spite

A feeling or display of ill will, vindictiveness, or malicious intent towards someone or something.
"The siblings often acted out of spite, purposely sabotaging each other's achievements."

Detailed meaning of spite

It is an intense desire to harm, annoy, or frustrate others out of a sense of resentment, jealousy, or revenge. Spiteful actions are often driven by a deep-seated bitterness or a desire to retaliate for perceived wrongs or slights. Spite can manifest in various ways, such as making hurtful remarks, engaging in destructive behaviors, or deliberately undermining someone's success or happiness. It is a negative and destructive emotion that can poison relationships and sow discord. Individuals who act out of spite prioritize their own negative feelings over empathy or compassion, seeking to inflict harm rather than resolve conflicts or find common ground. Overcoming spite requires cultivating forgiveness, understanding, and a willingness to let go of grudges, fostering a healthier and more positive outlook on life and relationships.

Example sentences containing spite

1. She canceled her plans to go on vacation out of spite towards her ex-partner.
2. The rival team played with spite, intentionally injuring our players.
3. Despite his success, he couldn't escape the spiteful comments of his jealous coworkers.
4. The politician's actions were motivated by spite, aiming to undermine his opponent's reputation.
5. Her promotion was met with spite from her envious colleagues.
6. He refused to lend a helping hand out of pure spite.

History and etymology of spite

The noun 'spite' finds its etymological roots in the Old English word 'spītan,' which meant 'to taunt' or 'to scorn.' Over time, this term evolved to encompass the idea of a feeling or display of ill will, vindictiveness, or malicious intent towards someone or something. 'Spite' is often associated with actions or behaviors driven by a desire to harm or hurt others, typically out of resentment, envy, or a desire for revenge. It encapsulates the negative emotions and intentions that can lead individuals to engage in harmful or hurtful actions, making it a potent term to describe the darker aspects of human behavior and motivation.

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Further usage examples of spite

1. The divorce proceedings turned into a spiteful battle, each spouse trying to hurt the other.
2. She acted with spite by spreading rumors about her former friend.
3. The landlord raised the rent out of sheer spite, knowing the tenants couldn't afford it.
4. Despite their history of spite, they managed to put their differences aside and reconcile.
5. The spite in her heart consumed her, leading to a toxic and bitter outlook on life.
6. Her success was achieved in spite of numerous obstacles.
7. He acted out of sheer spite, trying to ruin her reputation.
8. Spite can poison relationships and hinder personal growth.
9. They made amends, putting their past spite behind them.
10. The spite in his words wounded her deeply.
11. Spiteful rumors circulated, damaging his credibility.
12. Her actions were driven by a misguided sense of spite.
13. Forgiveness can extinguish the flames of spite.
14. Spite can lead to self-destructive behavior.
15. He harbored spite for his former business partner.
16. Spite often arises from unresolved conflicts.
17. They plotted revenge out of sheer spite.
18. Let go of spite to find inner peace and happiness.
19. The spite in her heart eventually turned to regret.
20. Spite can eat away at one's emotional well-being.
21. Their spiteful comments escalated the argument.
22. Spiteful actions only perpetuate a cycle of negativity.
23. In spite of it all, she remained resilient and hopeful.
24. Spite can be a destructive force in family dynamics.
25. Overcoming spite requires empathy and understanding.



malice, goodwill, kindness, benevolence


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