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How to pronounce sponsorship (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sponsorship

A mutual arrangement or partnership in which an individual, organization, or entity provides support, resources, or financial backing to another individual, organization, or event.
"The sports team secured a lucrative sponsorship deal with a major beverage company."


Detailed meaning of sponsorship

It involves a sponsor providing assistance, often in the form of funding, services, or promotional activities, in exchange for various benefits or opportunities. Sponsorship can occur in diverse domains, such as sports, arts, education, and community events. It serves as a means for sponsors to gain exposure, enhance their brand image, or reach a specific target audience. For the recipient, sponsorship offers crucial financial support, visibility, and access to resources that enable the pursuit of activities or projects that may otherwise be challenging or unattainable. The relationship between a sponsor and the recipient is often formalized through contractual agreements, specifying the terms, duration, and obligations of both parties involved. Overall, sponsorship plays a vital role in fostering collaborations and providing essential support for a wide range of endeavors.

Example sentences containing sponsorship

1. The art exhibition relied on corporate sponsorships to cover the costs of organizing the event.
2. The nonprofit organization received generous sponsorship from a local business to fund their community initiatives.
3. The marathon runner wore a jersey adorned with the logos of their sponsors as part of their sponsorship agreement.
4. The music festival offered different levels of sponsorship packages to businesses interested in supporting the event.
5. The student's research project was made possible through the sponsorship of a research institute.
6. The athlete expressed gratitude to their sponsors for their continuous support throughout their career.

History and etymology of sponsorship

The noun 'sponsorship' has its etymological roots in Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'sponsio,' which meant 'a promise, engagement, or surety,' and later to the Old French term 'sponsor,' which referred to a surety or a person who vouched for another. Over time, the word 'sponsorship' evolved to encompass the concept of a mutual arrangement or partnership in which one individual, organization, or entity provides support, resources, or financial backing to another individual, organization, or event. This evolution in meaning reflects the idea of a sponsor fulfilling a role akin to that of a guarantor or advocate, solidifying the modern understanding of 'sponsorship' as a vital component of various collaborative ventures and promotional activities.

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Further usage examples of sponsorship

1. The conference featured a sponsor's exhibition area where companies showcased their products and services.
2. The charity organization reached out to potential sponsors to secure funding for their humanitarian projects.
3. The film production received sponsorship from a production company, enabling them to bring their vision to the screen.
4. The university awarded scholarships to students based on the generosity of alumni and corporate sponsorships.
5. The youth soccer league relied on local businesses for sponsorship to cover equipment and field maintenance costs.
6. Their sponsorship of the event made it possible.
7. The company secured a major sponsorship deal.
8. We're actively seeking new sponsorship opportunities.
9. The athlete signed a lucrative sponsorship contract.
10. The festival relies on corporate sponsorships.
11. Our team is grateful for your generous sponsorship.
12. The nonprofit relies on community sponsorships.
13. The concert tour secured multiple sponsorships.
14. The school's sponsorship program benefits students.
15. The startup received a crucial sponsorship.
16. Sponsorship can help grow brand visibility.
17. The artist secured an exclusive sponsorship.
18. The event's success depends on sponsorships.
19. The scholarship fund relies on sponsorships.
20. We're exploring international sponsorship deals.
21. Corporate sponsorship aids community projects.
22. Sponsorship often comes with marketing benefits.
23. The team sought sponsorship for their uniforms.
24. We're actively pursuing new sponsorship deals.
25. Sponsorship opportunities are available for all.



backing, opposition, hindrance, boycott


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