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How to pronounce spree (audio)


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Dictionary definition of spree

A period or instance of indulging in an enjoyable or excessive activity without restraint.
"After receiving her paycheck, she went on a shopping spree and bought new clothes and accessories."

Detailed meaning of spree

It typically implies a burst of energy or enthusiasm in engaging in a particular behavior or pursuit. A spree is often associated with activities such as shopping, eating, or participating in recreational activities, where one goes on a spree to fully immerse themselves in the experience. It suggests a sense of freedom and abandon, where one temporarily sets aside inhibitions and allows themselves to indulge in their desires or passions. Whether it's a shopping spree, a food spree, or an adventure spree, the noun "spree" encapsulates the notion of uninhibited enjoyment and a departure from routine or moderation, often leading to a memorable and exhilarating experience.

Example sentences containing spree

1. The children were filled with excitement as they went on a candy spree at the amusement park.
2. They embarked on a sightseeing spree, visiting all the famous landmarks in the city.
3. The company celebrated its success with a lavish spending spree on a team retreat.
4. During the holiday season, many people go on a gift-buying spree for their loved ones.
5. He went on a reading spree, devouring books from various genres in a short span of time.
6. The fashionista went on a designer shopping spree, splurging on luxury brands.

History and etymology of spree

The noun 'spree' has an interesting etymology that links it to the world of entertainment and leisure. It is believed to have originated in the United States during the 19th century as a colloquial term. The precise origins of 'spree' are somewhat uncertain, but it may have been influenced by the German word 'Spreen,' referring to 'a merry outing or frolic.' In its modern usage, 'spree' refers to a period or instance of indulging in an enjoyable or excessive activity without restraint, often associated with shopping, celebration, or entertainment. This word's etymology captures the essence of carefree and indulgent activities, where individuals momentarily cast aside their usual constraints to revel in pleasure and leisure.

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Further usage examples of spree

1. The couple decided to go on a spontaneous road trip spree, exploring new destinations every day.
2. She indulged in a dessert spree, trying out different flavors of ice cream and pastries.
3. The art enthusiast went on a museum spree, visiting multiple art galleries in one day.
4. They went on a gaming spree, spending hours playing video games together.
5. The foodie went on a culinary spree, trying out different cuisines and restaurants.
6. During the summer break, the kids went on a swimming spree, spending hours at the pool every day.
7. The shopaholic went on a shoe spree, buying pairs in various styles and colors.
8. The music lover went on a concert spree, attending multiple shows in a single week.
9. After a long week of work, she went on a relaxation spree, treating herself to spa treatments and massages.
10. The adrenaline junkie went on an adventure spree, trying out extreme sports and thrilling activities.
11. They went on a movie spree, binge-watching their favorite films back-to-back.
12. The bookworm went on a bookstore spree, adding numerous titles to their personal library.
13. The nature enthusiast went on a hiking spree, exploring different trails and immersing themselves in the beauty of the outdoors.
14. During the summer, they went on a shopping spree, buying clothes and accessories.
15. His weekend gaming spree lasted until the early hours of the morning.
16. She embarked on a reading spree, devouring books one after another.
17. The group went on a foodie spree, trying every restaurant in town.
18. Their winning streak turned into a gambling spree at the casino.
19. After payday, he went on a spending spree, treating himself to gadgets.
20. The music festival turned into a dancing spree that lasted all night.
21. In the holiday season, they went on a decorating spree, adorning their house.
22. Her online shopping spree left her with a pile of packages at the doorstep.
23. The road trip turned into an adventure spree, exploring new destinations.
24. His painting spree resulted in a burst of colorful canvases.



binge, restraint, moderation, frugality


Suffix -ee, SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Enjoyment and Delight, Recklessness and Indulgence

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