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How to pronounce escapade (audio)


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Dictionary definition of escapade

A wild or daring adventure or experience, often involving some element of risk or danger.
"Their escapade landed them in trouble with the law."


Detailed meaning of escapade

Escapades can take many forms, such as a spontaneous trip to an unfamiliar location, a daring stunt or feat, or an unexpected encounter with a dangerous or unusual situation. The term is often associated with a sense of excitement, spontaneity, and adventure, and is often used to describe experiences that are outside of the norm or beyond the boundaries of conventional behavior. While escapades can be thrilling and exhilarating, they can also be risky and potentially dangerous, and can sometimes lead to negative consequences or regret. In general, the term escapade implies a sense of boldness, adventure, and spontaneity, as well as a willingness to take risks and step outside of one's comfort zone.

Example sentences containing escapade

1. He was always up for an exciting escapade.
2. The actor's latest escapade made headlines across the world.
3. The two friends planned a thrilling escapade for their vacation.
4. The daring escapade left them with a lifetime of memories.
5. The group's escapade turned out to be more dangerous than they had anticipated.
6. The young couple's escapade was the talk of the town for weeks.

History and etymology of escapade

The noun 'escapade' has an intriguing etymological history. It originates from the Spanish word 'escapada,' which means 'an escape' or 'a flight.' 'Escapada' is derived from 'escapar,' meaning 'to escape.' The term was later adopted into French as 'escapade' with a similar meaning, referring to an adventurous or risky excursion. In English, 'escapade' retained this sense of a wild or daring adventure, often involving some element of risk or danger. It implies a sense of excitement and spontaneity, suggesting that the experience is somewhat unexpected and outside the norm. Therefore, the etymology of 'escapade' reflects its roots in the idea of escape and adventure, contributing to its association with bold and often risky undertakings, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of escapade

1. Their escapade took them on an adventure they will never forget.
2. The journalist's daring escapade led to a Pulitzer Prize-winning article.
3. The teenagers' escapade left a trail of destruction in their wake.
4. The protagonist's escapade was the turning point in the story.
5. The hilarious escapade had the entire group in stitches.
6. Their impromptu road trip turned into a thrilling escapade through winding mountain roads and quaint villages.
7. The escapade in the wilderness tested their survival skills as they encountered wild animals and unpredictable weather.
8. Her escapade on the high seas, sailing through stormy waters and exploring remote islands, left her with unforgettable memories.
9. The escapade through the haunted house was a spine-tingling adventure, complete with eerie sounds and hidden surprises.
10. He recounted his daring escapade of climbing a steep mountain peak, where every step felt like a triumph over nature's challenges.
11. The escapade into the uncharted forest was filled with the excitement of discovering new species of flora and fauna.
12. Exploring the abandoned mansion at night turned into a spooky escapade, with each creaky floorboard adding to the suspense.
13. Their escapade to the remote island revealed hidden treasures, from pristine beaches to ancient relics.
14. The escapade in the desert was an arduous journey, with scorching temperatures and sand dunes as far as the eye could see.
15. Their escapade on the raging river was an adrenaline-pumping adventure, navigating white-water rapids and cascading waterfalls.
16. The escapade involved a daring rescue mission in a war-torn region, where courage and determination were their only allies.
17. The escapade in the bustling city was a whirlwind of excitement, from exploring vibrant neighborhoods to trying exotic foods.
18. His escapade as a detective led to solving a mysterious case, piecing together clues and unraveling a complex web of deceit.
19. The escapade with a hot air balloon provided breathtaking views of the landscape below, a serene and magical experience.
20. Her escapade to the ancient ruins uncovered a lost civilization's secrets, shedding light on centuries-old mysteries.
21. The escapade in the wild jungle tested their survival instincts, from finding food to building shelter.
22. Their escapade into the underground caves was an eerie experience, with darkness and echoes that played tricks on their senses.
23. The escapade with the motorcycle gang was thrilling and dangerous, roaring down highways and defying the rules of the road.
24. Exploring the hidden cave system turned into a daring escapade, filled with tight squeezes and underground wonders.
25. The escapade on a sailboat led to unexpected encounters at sea, from playful dolphins to a mesmerizing starry night.



adventure, routine, monotony, ordinariness


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