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How to pronounce sprout (audio)

Dictionary definition of sprout

To begin to grow and emerge from the ground.
"The sunlight and warmth encouraged the dormant bulbs to sprout into beautiful tulips."

Detailed meaning of sprout

It denotes the initial stage of a plant's development, characterized by the appearance of a small shoot or bud that breaks through the soil surface. When a seed or dormant plant is provided with the necessary conditions such as moisture, warmth, and nutrients, it activates its internal mechanisms, leading to the sprouting phenomenon. This growth is often associated with the formation of delicate, young leaves or stems as the plant establishes its foundation. As time progresses, the sprout undergoes further growth and transforms into a mature plant capable of producing flowers, fruits, or seeds. The act of sprouting symbolizes the start of life and the potential for future growth and productivity in the plant kingdom.

Example sentences containing sprout

1. Open your hand and let the seeds sprout into new life.
2. You can't simply plant a stone and expect a mountain to sprout.
3. We need rain so that our crops can sprout.
4. They say that with patience, ideas will sprout like mushrooms in the forest.
5. Let creativity sprout and take over your canvas.
6. When fear is allowed to sprout, it becomes a monstrous weed.

History and etymology of sprout

The verb 'sprout' has its origins in Middle English and Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'sprōtan,' which meant 'to sprout or shoot,' and is related to the Proto-Germanic word 'sprutanan.' In its earliest form, 'sprout' represented the natural and gradual growth of plants as they begin to emerge from the ground, sending forth shoots and buds. This word's etymology mirrors the organic and life-affirming process of new growth in the plant kingdom, and it has retained its essential meaning over time. Today, 'sprout' is still used to describe the initial stages of growth when plants and seedlings first break through the soil, marking the start of their journey towards maturity.

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Further usage examples of sprout

1. If you neglect to water it, no flower will sprout.
2. Kind words can sprout into lifelong friendships.
3. Let's hope that this venture will sprout profits for our business.
4. One kind act can sprout a chain of goodness.
5. With the right conditions, love can sprout even in the harshest environments.
6. From tiny seeds, mighty trees can sprout.
7. If you let it, grief can sprout into resilience.
8. Let your curiosity sprout into a journey of lifelong learning.
9. When we let the conversation sprout naturally, it became more interesting.
10. Every great journey begins when a single thought decides to sprout.
11. In the spring, our garden will sprout with life once again.
12. The silence allowed her thoughts to sprout into vivid daydreams.
13. Can you make an idea sprout in this barren land?
14. It's exciting to see the first signs of green as the seeds sprout.
15. Tiny green shoots sprout from the freshly planted seeds.
16. In the spring, daffodils and tulips sprout in the garden.
17. After the rain, mushrooms quickly sprout in the forest.
18. The first signs of life began to sprout in the barren field.
19. Beanstalks sprout rapidly in the warm, humid climate.
20. A sense of hope blossoms as flowers sprout in the meadow.
21. The pumpkin vines began to sprout long, twisting tendrils.
22. As winter fades, crocuses sprout, heralding the coming spring.
23. We watched in awe as the sunflowers sprout and reach for the sky.
24. Fresh green leaves sprout on the trees with the arrival of spring.



germinate, wither, die, perish


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