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How to pronounce stealth (audio)


Dictionary definition of stealth

The quality or act of moving, acting, or operating in a way that is discreet, secretive, and avoids detection.
"The spy's success was attributed to her exceptional skills in stealth and espionage."

Detailed meaning of stealth

It often involves the ability to remain hidden or undetected while accomplishing a particular objective. Stealth is commonly associated with tactics used in military, espionage, or covert operations, where the element of surprise and the avoidance of detection are crucial for success. This term conveys a sense of careful planning, subterfuge, and the ability to operate quietly and invisibly. In addition to its military and espionage connotations, the concept of stealth is also applied in various technological contexts, such as stealth aircraft designed to evade radar detection. Whether in the context of warfare, technology, or everyday actions, stealth emphasizes the ability to operate without being noticed or intercepted.

Example sentences containing stealth

1. The military aircraft was designed with advanced stealth technology to avoid radar detection.
2. The burglar moved through the dark house with remarkable stealth.
3. In the world of espionage, stealth is a critical skill.
4. The thief's stealth allowed him to slip away unnoticed with the valuable jewels.
5. Stealth is a key feature of many modern video games, allowing players to sneak past enemies.
6. The spy relied on his training in stealth to infiltrate the enemy's compound.

History and etymology of stealth

The noun 'stealth' has its etymological origins in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'stælþ,' which meant 'theft' or 'theft-like behavior.' This word, in turn, is related to the Old Norse term 'stjala,' meaning 'to steal.' Over time, the concept of secrecy and discreet movement became associated with the act of theft, as thieves often moved surreptitiously to avoid detection. As a result, 'stealth' evolved to describe the quality or act of moving, acting, or operating in a way that is discreet, secretive, and avoids detection. The etymology of 'stealth' thus reflects its historical connection to the art of theft and the quiet, unobtrusive behavior often associated with it.

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Further usage examples of stealth

1. The cat stalked its prey with the grace and stealth of a natural predator.
2. The submarine was known for its impressive stealth capabilities.
3. The detective admired the criminal's audacious blend of cunning and stealth.
4. The special forces team executed the mission with precision and stealth.
5. The ninja's legendary stealth skills made him a formidable opponent.
6. The hiker marveled at the wildlife's ability to move with stealth through the forest.
7. The stealth bomber's design made it nearly invisible to radar systems.
8. The thief used night vision goggles to enhance his stealth during the heist.
9. The covert operation required utmost secrecy and stealth.
10. The criminal's stealth was matched only by his skill at evading capture.
11. The stealth drone conducted reconnaissance missions without being detected.
12. Stealth technology has revolutionized the way modern warfare is conducted.
13. He used stealth tactics to evade the security guards.
14. The spy relied on his stealth to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters.
15. Stealth technology makes aircraft less visible to radar.
16. The thief moved with incredible stealth to avoid security cameras.
17. In business negotiations, his diplomacy was matched only by his stealth.
18. The military used stealth tactics to execute the covert mission.
19. Burglars often rely on stealth to break into homes undetected.
20. The ninja's greatest weapon was his mastery of stealth.
21. Cybersecurity experts work tirelessly to protect against online stealth attacks.
22. The submarine submerged with remarkable stealth.
23. Journalists sometimes employ stealth to uncover hidden truths.
24. Espionage relies on the art of stealth and discretion.

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