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How to pronounce stenographer (audio)


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Dictionary definition of stenographer

An individual who specializes in the art and skill of shorthand writing.
"The stenographer diligently recorded every word spoken during the court proceedings."


Detailed meaning of stenographer

Stenographers are typically employed in various settings where accurate and efficient transcription of spoken language is required, such as courtrooms, legislative assemblies, or business meetings. They possess exceptional typing and listening skills, allowing them to quickly and accurately capture spoken words using a stenotype machine or shorthand symbols. Stenographers play a crucial role in recording and producing transcripts of legal proceedings, speeches, interviews, and other events. Their ability to transcribe speech at high speeds while maintaining accuracy is highly valued, as it enables the creation of reliable written records for future reference or legal purposes.

Example sentences containing stenographer

1. The stenographer transcribed the court proceedings with incredible speed and accuracy.
2. The diligent stenographer captured every word spoken during the deposition.
3. The stenographer's nimble fingers flew across the keys of the stenotype machine.
4. The stenographer's role is crucial in maintaining an accurate record of meetings and conferences.
5. The court relied on the stenographer's transcript to review the testimonies of witnesses.
6. The stenographer meticulously proofread the transcriptions for any errors.

History and etymology of stenographer

The noun 'stenographer' has its roots in Greek and Latin. It stems from the Greek word 'stēnós,' meaning 'narrow,' and 'grapho,' which means 'to write.' This combination was adapted into Latin as 'stenographus,' where it referred to someone skilled in writing in a concise and abbreviated manner. In English, 'stenographer' emerged as a term to describe an individual who specializes in the art and skill of shorthand writing, a technique that involves writing in a condensed and efficient manner to capture spoken words quickly and accurately. The etymology of 'stenographer' thus underscores the core ability of these professionals to transcribe spoken language with precision and brevity.

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Further usage examples of stenographer

1. The skilled stenographer adapted well to the fast-paced environment of the newsroom.
2. The stenographer's shorthand skills allowed them to keep up with rapid-fire dictation.
3. The stenographer's presence was essential during the sensitive negotiations.
4. The stenographer discreetly captured confidential conversations during the corporate board meeting.
5. The stenographer's accuracy and attention to detail earned them a reputation for excellence.
6. The stenographer transcribed the oral history interviews of World War II veterans.
7. The court reporter, also known as a stenographer, was highly respected for their expertise.
8. The stenographer's transcription services were in high demand among legal professionals.
9. The stenographer's work was instrumental in documenting the proceedings of the trial.
10. The stenographer seamlessly transcribed the medical conference, capturing all the complex terminology.
11. The stenographer's ability to capture spoken words quickly made them indispensable in courtrooms.
12. The stenographer diligently reviewed their notes to ensure accuracy before finalizing the transcript.
13. The stenographer's shorthand skills allowed them to keep pace with the speaker's rapid delivery.
14. The stenographer's role in the meeting was to record the minutes and capture key decisions.



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