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How to pronounce storge (audio)

Dictionary definition of storge

A type of love that is based on affection, familiarity, and a sense of belonging.
"The bond between mother and child is often described as storge love."

Detailed meaning of storge

It is a term that is often used to describe the love between family members, particularly between parents and children. Storge can also refer to a type of love that develops between friends or romantic partners over time, as they become more familiar with each other's personalities, values, and quirks. Storge is characterized by a sense of comfort and security, and is often associated with feelings of contentment, loyalty, and unconditional acceptance. Unlike other types of love, such as eros or agape, storge is not necessarily characterized by intense passion or selflessness, but rather by a sense of warmth and closeness. Overall, storge is a type of love that is based on familiarity, comfort, and a sense of belonging, and is an important aspect of human relationships.

Example sentences containing storge

1. The warmth of storge filled the room as the family gathered for their annual reunion.
2. She cherished the storge she shared with her childhood friends.
3. Although they were not blood relatives, their bond was based on a profound sense of storge.
4. It was not romantic love, but storge, that held the siblings together through tough times.
5. The love between them had evolved from passionate romance to a deep sense of storge.
6. Storge was what defined their long-lasting friendship; they were more like brothers than friends.

History and etymology of storge

The noun 'storge' is a Greek term that represents one of the four main types of love as defined by the ancient Greeks. It is derived from the Greek word 'storgē,' which specifically signifies the love between family members or close relatives. 'Storgē' is often associated with affection, familiarity, and a deep sense of belonging that comes from shared experiences and bonds developed over time. Unlike other types of love, such as romantic or passionate love, 'storge' emphasizes the natural, unconditional love that exists within family units. Its etymology reflects the Greeks' recognition of this unique and powerful form of love, rooted in the close connections and relationships within a family.

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Further usage examples of storge

1. It was the kind of storge that only years of camaraderie could build.
2. Their relationship was defined more by storge than by any romantic affection.
3. The storge between the lifelong friends was evident in their gentle teasing and shared laughter.
4. Storge was the glue that held the large, chaotic family together.
5. His heart was filled with storge for the town where he had grown up.
6. After years of shared experiences, a deep sense of storge had developed among the teammates.
7. The bond of storge between them had been formed through shared challenges and victories.
8. They did not choose each other as family, but the storge they felt was as real as any blood relation.
9. Despite their many arguments, a deep sense of storge always brought the siblings back together.
10. Even though they were separated by distance, the storge they shared remained intact.
11. Her heart was full of storge for her childhood friends, even though they had grown apart over the years.
12. As the oldest sibling, she felt a profound sense of storge towards her younger brothers and sisters.
13. Their friendship was based on storge, built over shared classes, dorm rooms, and countless study sessions.
14. Storge was the cornerstone of their relationship, a love that stemmed from deep familiarity and years of shared experiences.
15. The family's storge love for one another was evident in their willingness to support each other through difficult times.
16. The couple's storge love had grown over time as they learned to appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses.
17. The group's storge love for their community was evident in their volunteer efforts and community service.
18. The grandfather's storge love for his grandchildren was demonstrated by his willingness to spend time with them and offer guidance.
19. The team's storge love for each other helped them achieve their goals and work together effectively.
20. The siblings' storge love for each other was evident in the way they looked out for each other and supported each other's dreams.
21. The couple's storge love for their dog was evident in the way they cared for it and treated it as a member of the family.
22. The friends' storge love for each other had grown over the years as they shared experiences and supported each other through life's ups and downs.
23. The church's storge love for its members was evident in the way it provided support and guidance to those in need.
24. The community's storge love for its local businesses was evident in their efforts to support them through difficult economic times.
25. The teacher's storge love for her students was demonstrated by her willingness to go above and beyond to help them succeed.



familial love, animosity, hatred, aversion


Excellence and Virtue, Attraction and Allure, Care and Nurture, Love and Sex

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